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Skeino Moon Shawl Kit

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review by Stitchcraft Marketing and Skeino. The opinions in this post and blog are entirely mine, and I was not otherwise paid, compensated, contracted, or obligated to review this product.

In the beginning of this year, Skeino sent me this beautiful Moon Shawl Kit to review. I picked the White-Silver colorway, and I was really excited to show it off, so I did a mini Show and Tell here: Giant Squoosh Yarn from Skeino.



Yarn: Moon Yarn I-cord construction (68% Featherlight Baby Alpaca/10% Fine Merino/22% Nylon)
Bulky weight, 120 yds/skein

Pattern: Moon Shawl (Free Pattern)

The pattern calls for 600 yds (9 oz/258g) of the yarn, and US Size 11 knitting needles. Because my garter stitch gauge tends to be a little loose, I used US Size 10 needles instead. The pattern is available for free, and it's really easy--simply decreasing on one side, increasing on the other to keep the same stitch count, just switching yarn colors for the gradient effect. It's truly a potato-chip knitting project, you just keep knitting and knitting on autopilot.

The yarn is very lightweight, but warm and soft. You can see in the picture how it looks like single-ply yarn, and it's as lofty as well, but it's surprisingly resilient. I'm embarrassed to say that I had to rip out few times because my "Mommy Brain" couldn't keep the right row counts, but the yarn held up great! I have used single-ply yarn enough times to know that if I did the same to those, the yarn would've fallen apart after once or twice of ripping.


I have a few more rows to completely finish the shawl, but it has been a pleasure to work on this project and I can't wait to finish and wear during the June Gloom season here in Southern California. 



Happy New Year (was that too late?)

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No, in many Asian culture that used to use Chinese lunar calendar, it's not new year until this weekend. HAH.


I give you this beautiful spinning I have been working on for the past few weeks. A friend of mine requested a handspun yarn for her to crochet a sweater for her mom. We decided on a color, I dyed my merino while my dad was staying with us in December, and now I am spinning it everyday.

The first bobbin came out to be around 150g. I packed it so nicely, and the single is really fine. I am going to n-ply it, and even then it will be light fingering weight. 

Having a crafty passion with a little baby is hard. Logan is now walking, getting better and better everyday. I am hiding all my  needles, yarns, pins, hooks, machines, combs, whatever I have around the house that looks like it could attract and hurt the baby. And even when I think I got it all, he find stuff all the time! One day, my husband was holding him on our couch, watching tv, and then we noticed that he was chewing. We didn't give him any food yet. So one of us held him down while the other looked inside his mouth, and he was chewing a stitch marker. OMG. 

The good news is that he is definitely interested in what I do, so he would stand over at his play pen, and watch me spin on my Ladybug for a while. And I set the wheel up right near the bedroom door so I can get to him immediately when he wakes up.

BTW, why do babies wake up and make noises like they're in pain? Logan doesn't cry anymore but he always grunts and whines like he just woke up from a painful ordeal. As soon as he sees me at the door, flashes that smile that melts my heart into a gooey mess. 


{WIPs} Baby's formalwear in progress

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Last week, I planned to make a Dior-inspired outfit for Logan and got the perfect fabric for it. I decided to go with a knitted vest even though the original is probably double knit fabric in stripes.

So here is the vest:

I cast on the vest on Saturday evening, right before the second show of my recital, and was able to almost finish it. I seamed and did the finishing touches the next morning. 

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Black and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino in Silver Fox.

Pattern: My own. I just winged it, looking at the picture.

Needles: US 7/4.5mm 

I normally would never mix regular wool yarn with superwash, but this is really for the look and I didn't want to go buy another yarn. Besides I handwash all my knits regardless of whether the yarn is superwash so it should be ok. It's not like Logan will be wearing this all the time. By the time it's cool enough to wear a worsted weight vest here, he will be too big for it!

Dior-inspired vest is done in Paton's Classic Wool (Black) and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino (Silver Fox). | Handmade Fashion at Candy + Bagel

Dior-inspired vest is done in Paton's Classic Wool (Black) and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino (Silver Fox). | Handmade Fashion at Candy + Bagel

Now I have cut the shirt and pants. Both are super quick projects I have done before Logan was born, and luckily had traced the pattern already. Now, finding time to actually sew is tricky. Either, I can do it while Logan is awake.. which is a short window of time, unless I wear him. Or, I could wait until my husband comes home and entertains the baby while I sew. I find that I'm more productive when I sew while I'm alone with the baby, though, which means I have to take frequent breaks, because I'm too afraid of waking up the baby with the sewing machine noise =P

I think I should be done with everything by the end of this week! I can't wait to put everything on Logan!