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All I want to do is to knit.

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I don't have any knitting to show off.

Marty and I moved into a new apartment last week. Not surprisingly, the first thing I packed was my yarn stash, and the first thing I unpacked (and put in a nice display cabinet) was my yarn stash too. Surprisingly however, I didn't get to knit all weekend when we were moving and all week since my knitting BOOKS and PATTERNS were still in the garage. (We got too tired of moving boxes up 3 flights of stairs so we started just stacking them in the garage, to be unpacked "later")

So Thank GOD for PDF patterns on my computer. :D And my beautiful yarn stash... And I cast on like 3 new projects. Ohhh... It's gonna be a while until I post a FO picture of any of these.

Recently, I've been just buying more and more patterns so I have tons of things I want to start but not enough time to knit. Work is getting busier and by the time I come home, I eat and pass out on the couch.

This weekend is the first weekend in the new apartment. The couch still has the plastic on, and the TV is still on the floor but all I want to do is knit on my Rosebud Socks or Auburn Sweater. Or Cocoon shawl. And I have about 20 million things to fix and tweak on the projects I finished knitting on.

Moving really sucks.

Time for winter knits

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For knitters, I guess winter is always an exciting season. Let me tell you, I used to HATE, DISTASTE, LOATHE, ABHOR, winter. One winter in Santa Barbara when I had an apartment on the 3rd floor of the building, I almost couldn't make it all the way up because it was so cold, and I was shaking too much to walk any further. That's how I feel in cold weather. But ever since I became a knitter, winter now has at least 1 aspect I look forward to. Knits. Even in California, I start layering vests and long sleeve sweaters from October/November, all the way up to March the following year.

I got so excited when I saw these sky-high (over the knee) socks at A Cup of Jo blog. Apparently, there was a feature on New York Times magazine about the sky-high socks, as well as chunky knits.

These Prada-like socks were all the rage few months back. If anyone is interested, the pattern is available on the source of the above picture.

Other than that, life is pretty sweet. I officially moved into Marty's apartment; we picked up our marriage certificate this afternoon. Still doesn't really feel that much different from when we were dating. =P Unpacking was a pain but everything looks pretty cool. Marty's been so good with lifting heavy boxes haha.