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New Year's Resolutions

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Happy new year, everyone! I had a really good new year's day. A totally lazy day. We went to a friend's house for lunch hot pot, which ended up being like 3 hours long. We had to skip dinner altogether since we were so full from lunch.


I thought about new year's resolutions. Every year, I had a few resolutions, some more idealistic than realistic. Even if I can't accomplish everything on the list, it helps me stay focused.


Since this is a knitting blog, I'll start with knitting-related resolutions:

1. Knit a lot of socks. If you asked me few years ago, I would've said, "WHAT? Why do people knit socks? What's wrong with Costco?!" But ever since I knit my first pair last year, I truly appreciate knitted socks. And I never seem to have any sock left. I gave all the ones to my mom and dad so I only have 2 pairs. Which is pretty pathetic for a knitter who loves knitted socks. So my plan is to have at least 1 pair per month. 12 pairs just for me? By next winter, I know I'll have some pretty socks to keep my toes warm.


2. Take less sample knitting projects. I know... :( I love sample knitting because it lets me get to know the designers and have fun with knitting. I learned a lot of great techniques through sample knitting in the past. But it IS getting too hectic. For the past couple of months, I hardly had any time for my own knitting because I had series of sample knitting projects simultaneously. If I'm gonna have time to knit a pair of socks per month at least, I'm gonna have to make some time!


3. Archive my projects more. I've been writing patterns for my own projects for some time, but they're always on a scrap paper until I finish them and then gets "lost" after I"m done. I need to start writing them down more. And I need to create a tag for my projects for 2011 so I can count how many projects I completed by the end of the year.



That's it for now for knitting. I think they're more realistic than idealistic. 12 pairs a year is TOTALLY doable.  I'm actually hoping to get more done.



Non-knitting related resolutions are more idealistic. Like savings, making a career, etc.


Welcome, 2011!