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What hoarding problem?

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We knitters have a euphemism for our hoarding issue. We call that our "Stash." 


As if we are going to hibernate one day and need to stash all our yarns for the hibernating season.

Last weekend at Yarnosphere, I accumulated a lot of new yarns. And with holiday season coming up, I was on other yarn store websites, looking at yarns on sale. And then I got curious how my last year's serious effort to destash has worked out. 

So today, I went to pull out all the yarns from every corners of the house.

And I was fully disappointed.

Last year, when I decided to destash, I started with 3 plastic bins. When I gathered all the yarns, I had to get an additional bin. And the 3 bins I started out with last year? were still full. At least last year, the sock yarn bin was half empty. This year it's FULL!

And I found so many WIPs. Those alone filled the biggest basket I had in the house..  Unbelievable.

Remedy: Similar to the destash challenge I did last year, I decided to finish at least 1 WIP before casting on for a new one. I have 2 baskets: 1 full of WIPs, 1 full of bags with yarns and patterns I matched up with the yarns. When I'm done with one project from the WIPs basket, I will cast on from the other basket.

Fortunately, the WIPs I have are mainly from last winter, so they'll be weather appropriate once I am finished. I have a lot of baby knits on my mind right now, so wanting to knit for Logan will keep me on task (hopefully)!!!



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If you follow me on Instragram, you might have already seen what my weekend was like..

The sock drawer got organized, per Konmari method. #konmari #konmariemethod #knittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer

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Organizing my side of the closet down to the minimum. #konmariemethod #konmari #homeorganization #declutter

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All this decluttering is so that I have enough room to do what Teresa, of CanaryKnits, and I have been brewing in the past couple of weeks. We will be announcing the details tomorrow but if you knit/crochet/sew, and are passionate about what you wear, you will love it. If you want some hints, here is the episode of CanaryKnits podcast that inspired it all. 


Other Obsessions: Project Bags

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I have been quite obsessed with project bags. 

Before finding out how useful project bags were, my knitting WIPs usually hibernated the last place I left them -- in my car, next to my bed, under my bed, next to the couch, in the closet... And sometimes years would go by, until I finally find them again. That happened with two of the recent FOs: Marty's 2 vests (Sportweight & Worsted weight).

Christmas Angry Bird project bag I sewed, and Ravelry project bags.

Christmas Angry Bird project bag I sewed, and Ravelry project bags.

Few weeks ago, I bought and made some project bags with knitting notions for my knitting group friends. I ordered some project bags from Ravelry Mini-Mart, and sewed a couple of drawstring bags with fabrics I bought at a local fabric shop, Jenny's Fabrics.

(Off-topic but interesting still: While I was at Jenny's Fabrics, Steven Tyler walked in and shopped there.)

While I was making project bags for my friends, I also made extra for my own projects. And now I can't believe I lived without them for so long! Each of my WIPs now have a home to go to at the end of the night. They stay there, all nice and pretty, then I just tackle one bag at a time! Not to mention they keep our house looking more organized since all the project bags with projects inside would go in the corner of my work area. 

I am thinking about making more for a giveaway, so definitely stay tuned!