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Other Obsessions: Sewing project bags

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Sewing project bags on my Singer Featherweight 221.

Sewing project bags on my Singer Featherweight 221.

What is this? It's my Singer Featherweight 221! :) 

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I panicked and was depressed and crying hysterically for 3 days. On the third day, I was playing around on my phone and went into the Craigslist app, and found this Featherweight for $200 locally. It was so well maintained, it was so shiny! My 3-day panic attack went away so fast. 

This sewing machine is what I use for small projects like making project bags! I made so many because I kind of got carried away at the local fabric shop and got a ton of cute cotton fabrics. 


This is my sewing station. I got this sewing cabinet around Thanksgiving, because I realized I couldn't keep all my sharp sewing needles and sewing machine things in the baby room. My Featherweight looks so cute on it! All my sewing machines (Janome sewing machine and Brother serger too) live in it now.

I have a lot of fabric in my stash too, the ones I saved for dresses or skirts, but I think now I'm kind of obsessed with these project bags and will use those fabrics for project bags. 


Other Obsessions: Project Bags

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I have been quite obsessed with project bags. 

Before finding out how useful project bags were, my knitting WIPs usually hibernated the last place I left them -- in my car, next to my bed, under my bed, next to the couch, in the closet... And sometimes years would go by, until I finally find them again. That happened with two of the recent FOs: Marty's 2 vests (Sportweight & Worsted weight).

Christmas Angry Bird project bag I sewed, and Ravelry project bags.

Christmas Angry Bird project bag I sewed, and Ravelry project bags.

Few weeks ago, I bought and made some project bags with knitting notions for my knitting group friends. I ordered some project bags from Ravelry Mini-Mart, and sewed a couple of drawstring bags with fabrics I bought at a local fabric shop, Jenny's Fabrics.

(Off-topic but interesting still: While I was at Jenny's Fabrics, Steven Tyler walked in and shopped there.)

While I was making project bags for my friends, I also made extra for my own projects. And now I can't believe I lived without them for so long! Each of my WIPs now have a home to go to at the end of the night. They stay there, all nice and pretty, then I just tackle one bag at a time! Not to mention they keep our house looking more organized since all the project bags with projects inside would go in the corner of my work area. 

I am thinking about making more for a giveaway, so definitely stay tuned! 

In My Shopping Cart: More sock yarns and project bags!

In My Shopping CartJean ChungComment

This week, I've been window shopping for my next reward for the #DestashChallenge. I have about 5 sock projects on the needles right now, and still have bigger sweater projects to complete so I'm hoping to get at least 2 new reward yarns before the end of this month!

Etsy Shopping Cart

In my Etsy shopping cart, I have a VERY Christmas-y sock yarn by Voolenvine of the Yarngasm podcast. This colorway is called, Holly Jolly, and is made to order in most of the yarn bases she uses for her shop. So far, I have my eyes on the Blitzed yarn base, which is 75% SW Merino, 20% Nylon, and 5% Stellina, which makes the yarn glittery and so holiday! I've used 3~4 skeins of similar blend of yarns with Stellina before, and they don't make the sock yarn scratchy at all. The sock yarn will still be very squishy and soft.

Blitzed Sock yarn in Holly Jolly colorway, by Voolenvine Etsy Shop.

Another holiday-themed yarn I have in my Etsy shopping cart is called Stout Sock in "Broken Ornaments" colorway, at GourmetStash Shop. The name sounds kind of sad, but I'm loving the combination of the blues and the yellows in the yarn. 

Stout Sock yarn from GourmetStash Etsy Shop, in Broken Ornaments colorway.


Simply Sock Yarns Cart

I found out about Simply Socks Yarn Company from listening to the Knitmoregirls Podcast. I love how they offer flat rate shipping of $6 for domestic shipping for purchases under $85. Who doesn't love flat shipping rates? 

I have Lorna's Laces Solemate yarn in Gold Hill colorway. I love Lorna's Laces colors! But never used Solemate before. Apparently, this yarn contains something called, Outlast, "a fiber technology developed for NASA, which allows it to respond to skin temperature to manage heat and reduce moisture." WOW. I think my husband will really like this one. 

Lorna's Laces Solemate Yarn in Gold Hill colorway, available at Simply Socks Yarn Company.


Split Yarn

Finally, this is not from Etsy or other yarn shop websites, but from a Ravelry/Twitter friend's shop. She makes some really cute project bags on her website, SplitYarn. I've also been sewing and buying project bags left and right, for myself as well as for my knitter friends, but these bags out of the fabrics she chose are so cute and versatile, like this Flight at Dusk Box Bag.


As you can tell, I've been drooling over quite a few items this week. Obviously, I canNOT wait to finish all my WIPs using my stash yarn as quickly as possible!


Disclaimers: I am not affiliated with any of the shops or companies I mention here. I'm just like any other yarn addicts who surf around the internet all day long looking for the perfect yarn or accessories to try next. These products I mention are in fact in my shopping cart, at each of the applicable websites. Whether I'll actually buy these or not, we will never know! In other words, no one pays me to write this.