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Sexy Back!

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Many things have happened since the last time I wrote. First of all, I'm sending prayers to those people who are affected by the explosions in Boston yesterday. I heard about the one at the marathon as I was leaving work, and although I am thousands of miles away from Boston, there was definitely heightened security at the metro and train stations on the way back home. 


Now bringing it back to knitting..

My new design, Beverly Tee, was published in the newest Knitscene Summer 2013 issue!


It features a plunging back and peplum waist hem, and would be perfect over a bikini top/bralette/bandeau this summer. The yarn is Berroco Weekend but I'm hearing Berroco discontinued this color. I'm thinking about knitting my own in "Reddy" for the sexy Hollywood glam. After all, the name I had in my mind for this project was "Marilyn."


Order and see the rest of the issue here!





[SPAKAL] Part 2 - Plying

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DSC02290 Now the plying is done done done! A word comes to my mind: Glorious. It's a perfect Morning Glory color. So bright. So cheerful. So purple.

DSC02291 DSC02292

I skeined it and before washing, I had to take a picture. So please excuse all the kinks and pigtails. gah, still can't get rid of them completely, although there are less. I'm still not complaining though; this is an immense improvement since the first spin to knit project. The twists are tighter, maybe too tight but it's still better than loose twists. And the combed top that was dyed in different colors! It was more fun spinning this than other "natural" colored fiber.

DSC02293 DSC02294

With the niddy noddy, I measured about 325 yards and it's 120 gram skein. So I'm guessing this to be a sportweight yarn. It's only 2-ply though. I'm not sure if I want to knit socks still or go for something less risky, like shawls. I think I want knit socks, it's been a while since I knit a pair, but the yarn isn't even enough. You can tell that while it's mostly sportweight, there's definitely thinner spots and thicker parts, even after plying.

Ah, decisions.. decisions.....

[SPAKAL] Part 1 - spinning

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So I took a look at the fiber I had in my stash. Meet the contenders: DSC02261

And I decided on.....

DSC02265 DSC02266 DSC02267


i'm happy with my choice. I unbraided it and it felt so smooth in my hand. Spinning was glorious.


There are still thick spots but considering this is my second spinning project, I'm not complaining. I only hope it improves from here on. Maybe after plying it'll get better.. Or I can just cut it out when I knit with it. And I'm really not good at making it even on the bobbin...

I keep hearing that our feet are very sensitive and therefore the sock yarn has to be extremely even and smooth, otherwise we notice those lumps and bumps... So I HOPE this is good enough to be sock yarn. We shall see.

I'm done with the spinning part. Next, plying!