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Pattern Release: Bagel's Rainy Day Hat & HOLIDAY SALE!!!

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Bagel's Rainy Day Hat, in Anzula Handdyed Yarns For Better or Worsted in "Keola" colorway.

Bagel's Rainy Day Hat, in Anzula Handdyed Yarns For Better or Worsted in "Keola" colorway.

Bagel is a Taiwanese Mountain Dog that traveled over 6,500 miles on a plane to be part of our family when my husband and I were dating. And good thing we are in sunny Southern California because he is really afraid of the rain. Whenever it rains, he looks up in the sky wistfully and then looks back at us like we are doing something terrible to him. When we walk out the door, he turns back and heads for the garage as if to say, “hey guys, it rains over here, let’s try the other door!”

On one stormy day few weeks ago, I was designing this hat and Bagel wouldn’t leave my side. When I finished the sample, I wore it to go outside with him for a few minutes so that he could get used to the rain a little more and sniff around. I am dedicating this 4th piece to the First Love Collection to the little furry boy who gives us so much unconditional love and made our family so complete.

I think this hat will be a great last-minute gift for the holidays! Which is why I am offering 40% OFF sale for this and all of my other self-published patterns. Also if you're new to cables, this would be a great practice piece. It's easy to complete this project without a cable needle, if you would like to try cabling without cable needle

Yarn: Anzula Handdyed Yarns For Better or Worsted in "Keola" colorway (80% SW Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon. 200 yds / 182 m per 100g skein.

Needles: US 7 / 4.5mm circular needles, longer than 32" for magic loop technique or DPNs.

Gauge: 20 sts and 28 rows in 4" in Cable Chart pattern.

Size: T fit head circumference 21".

Pattern Available Here

As you can see, the cast on was done in tubular cast on. You can use any type of cast on method, I guess, but I really like Tubular Cast-On method for my socks and hats, and my favorite is Long-Tail Tubular Cast On these days. I did not include my own tutorial in the pattern because I learned from the Purl Bee's Tutorial and think it was pretty awesome. 

By the way, the yarn I used is one of the softest and strongest worsted yarn I've ever used. Anzula is sort of local to me, as they are in California, and I love supporting local dyers. The hat takes 1 skein, and I had about 20g leftover when I was done with the sample. I am super careful about choosing yarn for hats because I think my face is mildly allergic to scratchy wool. The part that touches my forehead always gets red and itchy, and by 30 minutes into wearing the hat, I usually just take it off and spend the whole day with that awkward hat hair.

This yarn has none of that. I have been wearing this hat almost every other day! We are having warm winter season but for our morning walks with the doggies, I always need some extra wool layers. I have been switching between this hat and my Quick Moss Hat. And even when I come back inside our home, I keep wearing this hat until it gets too warm. This is my new favorite yarn, especially for hats!

So more on the HOLIDAY SALE! From December 24 through December 26, 11:59PM PT, all of my self-published patterns are on sale, 40% off! No coupon code is necessary, everything should work automatically. :)

I am going to my husband's cousin's wedding today, which is a great event to start Christmas vacation. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, if you celebrate Christmas; otherwise, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Review: Knitter's Pride Magma Pattern Holder

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Knitting away on my Aidez using the pattern holder. I don't know how I lived without it until now.

Knitting away on my Aidez using the pattern holder. I don't know how I lived without it until now.

You can start learning to knit with relatively small investment (cheap yarn and appropriately sized needles), but once you start getting into it, you realize there are a lot of places to spend your money on. 

And I'm not just talking about fancy needles or super expensive yarn, but even with accessories like yarn bowls, needle holders, bags, row counters... the possibilities are endless!

Out of the packaging. Nice and shiny.

Out of the packaging. Nice and shiny.

A couple of weeks ago during the Black Friday sales, I ordered this Knitter's Pride Magma Pattern Holder, after wanting one of these for ages. There are several other options, like Knit Picks, or more handmade ones from Etsy, but I wasn't sure how much I would actually get to use a chart holder, so I wanted to get a relatively low-end cost one first. After all, I lasted all these years with just post-it notes and pens. 


When opened, the pattern holder is pretty simple. It has 3 small magnets and 1 long magnet strip, along with a pen. The three metal magnets are super strong, and they can hold through pages and pages of patterns pretty well.

Strap can be useful if you're using the chart holder in the upright position.

Strap can be useful if you're using the chart holder in the upright position.

If I decide to order another one, I'm going to look for a bigger chart holder. Considering most charts are printed in the portrait format, I found the most comfortable way to use it was to lay it down on the table instead of propping it up in the upright position. I first thought that the pattern holder will stay up by itself, but as time went by it slowly flattened. I figured out a quick fix by propping it up with a big eraser behind the holder. 


I started on this Aidez cardigan project a couple of days ago, and this pattern holder has been a lifesaver! Aidez has a repeating cable pattern, and although it is pretty intuitive after a while, it definitely helps to mark where I am in the chart. Stopping in the middle of the pattern repeat and coming back to it after a break has been NO PROBLEM because the magnet strip does not budge. I have used post-it notes before but they lose their stickiness after a while and tend to fall away if I wasn't careful. But this way I know I can let the project hibernate for few days without forgetting where I was in the pattern repeat.

The complimentary pen.

The complimentary pen.

Oh and the pen! You might think it's weird for me to do a review on a complimentary pen, but I was really surprised when I first used it. I was in a coffee shop when I realized I forgot to bring a pen to make notes on my pattern. Then I spotted this pen in the pattern holder and thought, what the heck, better than nothing. But this pen has very thin tip, which I LOVE, and it's a gel ink type that writes really really smoothly. The outside appearance looks a little cheap but don't be fooled by its cover!



I paid about $16 ($19.99 on Handsome Fibers, with Black Friday special coupon) which was very reasonable. I hope you give it a try if you've been thinking about getting one like me, or need something to give to your favorite knitter friend. :)

Disclaimer: I personally purchased this product myself. I was not paid, compensated, contracted, or otherwise obligated to write this review.