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Other Obsessions: {Sewing} Colette Patterns Sorbetto

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Sorbetto Top

Pattern: Sorbetto Top, a free pattern by Colette Patterns

Size: Sz 4

Fabric: Poly Georgette from (1 yd)


This free pattern by Colette Patterns is extremely popular among the home sewists. I am not surprised. For one, it has been designed by one of the most beloved designers in the indie sewing pattern industry. And, it's free! And it's super simple, you can put it together in one afternoon, and customize it however you want it.


For the projects I do before Logan's arrival, I wanted to keep everything simple. Plus, I was a bit overwhelmed by the slippery quality of the georgette fabric. I love the drape and feel of slippery fabrics and I tend to binge shop for the kind of fabrics, but when it comes to actually working with them, I'm not very good.


So I decided to keep the design as is, and just let this experience be just that. Getting experience working with slippery fabric. I didn't love it, it wasn't as enjoyable as working with crispy fabrics, but it wasn't horrible either. I just wish I knew how to make the pleat look sharper.


I went to JoAnn to find double-fold bias tape that would match the fabric, but couldn't find the perfect shade of coral. So I instead chose the metallic gold tape. I kind of love it.


Other Obsessions: {SEWING} Girls Dresses!

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Pattern: Izzy Top, a free pattern available on Climbing the Willow blog. (18 Mo)
Fabric: (Pink Hello Kitty) Hello Kitty licensed fabric from JoAnn; (White & Pink) Linen fabric from local fabric store.
Buttons: Daiso and Dongdaemun (a huge wholesale market for DIY/Fashion/Home Decor in Seoul, Korea)

The baby inside me is a boy, but I'm still a girlish girl. And now when I find really cute, girly prints in the fabric stores, I automatically think of my friends' little girls. Wow, that makes me feel like we're growing up! Just a couple of years ago, I wouldn't have known anyone near me to sew something like this for. 

I found both fabrics while I was hunting for some baby/childrens' fabric recently. I knew I wanted to make something cute and simple for my friends' girls so finding the right fabrics was the key.

I am extremely happy with how it turned out. Izzy Top pattern comes in just 5 pieces so it was super simple to put together, especially with my serger (I don't know how I survived the first 2 years of sewing without it!), and the instruction on Climbing the Willow blog is extremely helpful. I finished the first one in one day, and the second one in one afternoon and mailed them out to my friends. Their girls are still really small so I'll have to wait few more months to see them in these. 

I think I even want to experiment with the pattern and grade it to fit adult womens' size for myself. :)

Other Obsessions: Sewing project bags

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Sewing project bags on my Singer Featherweight 221.

Sewing project bags on my Singer Featherweight 221.

What is this? It's my Singer Featherweight 221! :) 

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I panicked and was depressed and crying hysterically for 3 days. On the third day, I was playing around on my phone and went into the Craigslist app, and found this Featherweight for $200 locally. It was so well maintained, it was so shiny! My 3-day panic attack went away so fast. 

This sewing machine is what I use for small projects like making project bags! I made so many because I kind of got carried away at the local fabric shop and got a ton of cute cotton fabrics. 


This is my sewing station. I got this sewing cabinet around Thanksgiving, because I realized I couldn't keep all my sharp sewing needles and sewing machine things in the baby room. My Featherweight looks so cute on it! All my sewing machines (Janome sewing machine and Brother serger too) live in it now.

I have a lot of fabric in my stash too, the ones I saved for dresses or skirts, but I think now I'm kind of obsessed with these project bags and will use those fabrics for project bags.