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Destash Challenge

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So Round 6 is finished! 

1. Bow Hat: 2

2. Logan's Striped Yoke Cardigan: 3 (not counting the scrap yarns)

3. Handdyed Madelinetosh Tosh Sock: 1

4. Striped Boatneck Vest: 2

5. Logan's summer bucket hat: 1

6. Logan's Legwarmers: 1




So, I went yarn shopping yesterday with Logan!  His first ever yarn shopping!  Haha. I hadn't been buying yarns before Logan was born because I wasnt sure what I would knit after the baby, but I really wanted to go shopping and online shopping just wasn't doing it for me. So we headed out to Mission Viejo, to one of the bigger LYSes in the area, Yarn del Sol.  

Here's what I bought:



Left: The Sheepwalk Fiber Studio - "Mud Buddha on Water" colorway  Center: Dragonfly Fibers - "Van Gogh's Sunflower" colorway  Right: Sweet Georgia - "Oxblood" colorway

Christmas yarns and difficulty with #DestashChallenge

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I know that I just blogged about how I'm going to use up all my stash yarns and only reward myself with 100g of fiber or sock yarn for every 10 skeins I use and all that, but seriously, have you seen the indie dyers and their Etsy shops lately? UGH! It's like the world is telling me, haha you think this #DestashChallenge is going to be easyyy??


Dyeabolical Yarns

This one is THE Christmas yarn, don't you think? It's a really happy colorway, and it reminds me of Christmas gift wrapping papers, another thing I'm obsessed with.

Christmas is Coming - Sturdy Sock (75% Merino; 25% Nylon) 4-ply sock yarn by Dyeabolical Yarns

Holly Jolly Self Striping Tough Sock (75% SW Merino; 25% Nylon) by MintRain

Another really happy Christmas colorway. I love that the green here is lighter, almost like neon green.


Serene Fiber Arts

Autumn Night Sparkle (70% SW Merino; 25% Nylon; 5% Stellina) by Serene Fiber Arts

Okay, not exactly CHRISTMAS color, and it's named Autumn Night but to me this feels more like a dimmed room with a large fireplace on a cold winter night. Besides, I think whatever sock pattern you choose, the end result is going to look so toasty and warm and sparkly! I can't resist.

So obviously, I'm drooling over these yarns on Etsy, and wishing I had 5 pairs of arms, and enough brain capacity to knit up as much as I can to meet my next 10 skein goal. I just hope these yarns are available when I'm done with the first 10.