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Tour de Fleece 2013 - Dyeing more roving

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DSC03964 I have a 2-wk trial and lots of deadlines coming up and sometimes don't have enough energy to spin at the end of the day. Like last weekend. I had a long (more like a full-day) meeting on Saturday so on Sunday, I spent few hours dyeing some rovings.


DSC03967 DSC03968

I just wanted some soft colors that I could spin and ply together. I only dye with 4 dye colors. I mix and match and control the absorption


DSC03969 DSC03970 DSC03971

Soft Cotton Candy? hehe Milkshake Colorway

DSC03972 DSC03974 DSC03976Sour green apple color!


Both are really yummy colors right? I'm so happy how the colors turned out. There's that piece of me that gets so satisfied when I pet the colors that totally get me.


Day 7 of Tour de Fleece!

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The first week of Tour de Fleece is over! ! I have more pics but here's what I have on my phone right now.


This one is the Ashland's 100% merino. I'm spinning this on my Kiwi and just finished the 2nd bobbin.


This one is on the borrowed Traditional wheel. The red dyed corriedale from Louet. See how much thinner this single is compared to the Kiwi single??? Amazing.

Unfortunately, lack of TLC has left this wheel a bit damaged. Right now, the bearing? part seems to be a little warped and it's not holding the bobbin right. If I try to adjust, it drops the bobbin .. will need a lot of love and replacements if someone buys it.

Will update more pics soon!