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As Featured in One Size Knits All

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A couple of months ago (or maybe more...?) I got a PM on Ravelry from ShannonAnn. She asked me if she could feature my Valpuri on her blog that celebrates knits that look fabulous on all shapes and sizes. Hallelujah? I'm all for knits that look good on everybody. In fact, when I knit or look at a pattern, the first thing that comes to my mind is: Will my sister be able to borrow this from my closet and look good? Will my mom (and dad??) want one as well??

Today, I got another PM from Shannon that she finally put the blog post on her blog under "Is Name Woman". I really like the idea of taking one design pattern, and showing the garment modeled on people in different shapes and sizes, with brief explanation of what kind of mods the knitter made, or could have made. Sure, Ravelry is already great at doing that, but this blog is going to be great if you're into shortcuts, like me! :)

On the other hand, this brings me another issue. Now I want to make one in softer yarn, maybe Berroco Comfort? Pure Merino? I love how this looks on me still, and love the color... but I want to make it in darker, muted hues for more grown-up events and meetings.  And those of you know me on Ravelry can see how many projects I already have on my Queue....