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{WIPs} Baby's formalwear in progress

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Last week, I planned to make a Dior-inspired outfit for Logan and got the perfect fabric for it. I decided to go with a knitted vest even though the original is probably double knit fabric in stripes.

So here is the vest:

I cast on the vest on Saturday evening, right before the second show of my recital, and was able to almost finish it. I seamed and did the finishing touches the next morning. 

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Black and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino in Silver Fox.

Pattern: My own. I just winged it, looking at the picture.

Needles: US 7/4.5mm 

I normally would never mix regular wool yarn with superwash, but this is really for the look and I didn't want to go buy another yarn. Besides I handwash all my knits regardless of whether the yarn is superwash so it should be ok. It's not like Logan will be wearing this all the time. By the time it's cool enough to wear a worsted weight vest here, he will be too big for it!

Dior-inspired vest is done in Paton's Classic Wool (Black) and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino (Silver Fox). | Handmade Fashion at Candy + Bagel

Dior-inspired vest is done in Paton's Classic Wool (Black) and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino (Silver Fox). | Handmade Fashion at Candy + Bagel

Now I have cut the shirt and pants. Both are super quick projects I have done before Logan was born, and luckily had traced the pattern already. Now, finding time to actually sew is tricky. Either, I can do it while Logan is awake.. which is a short window of time, unless I wear him. Or, I could wait until my husband comes home and entertains the baby while I sew. I find that I'm more productive when I sew while I'm alone with the baby, though, which means I have to take frequent breaks, because I'm too afraid of waking up the baby with the sewing machine noise =P

I think I should be done with everything by the end of this week! I can't wait to put everything on Logan!

WIPs & FOs: Spud & Chloe Popsicle Socks, First sock knitted!

WIPs & FOsJean ChungComment

There's only one WIP that I am currently working on these days and that is these Popsicle Socks.

I just cast off the first sock on Sunday afternoon, but haven't had a chance to cast on the second sock yet. These days, all of my time is spent on sewing! (more on that coming tomorrow)

Popsicle Sock pattern is still on sale - Use the discount code: Stripey when checking it out on Ravelry. It's a $9 pattern, and you get 50% off so it's a REALLY good deal.

Also if you've missed my review on last Friday, check it out here --> Review & Giveaway

The sock has good memory, and has very different texture from all the other socks I have in my sock drawer. It's not cashmere-soft, but it's not scratchy at all, it's stretchy, and warm, but not TOO warm. I am probably going to start the second sock tonight and slowly finish it over the next few weeks.

I'm glad I got at least the first sock done this week. Things at home are getting very exciting and busy. Figuring that I could still knit with a newborn baby (hello, babywearing!) but not sew that easily, I have been sewing at least 3~4 projects per week since D-21. This is also a way for me to ensure I have stuff to share with you guys after the baby is born. I still want this space to be sewing & knitting/fiber arts space, not a personal/motherhood blog!

WIPs & FOs: ...and Spud & Chloe DISCOUNT CODE! (..Giveaway?)

WIPs & FOsJean ChungComment

I have a quite of bit of things to show you, since I took a week off last week. I have some things I made for Logan, and a thing I made for myself, and at the end of the post, there's a DISCOUNT CODE for a Spud & Chloe pattern!

Last week's FO projects first!

Last few weeks have been extremely hot in Southern California. 85+ degrees almost everyday! So naturally, I just couldn't bring myself to even touch the other projects that I was working on in thick wool, especially sweater projects that are half done so that they would cover my lap. 

So I picked up this wool blend yarn called Vincent Rich 8-ply, from KnitLove. KnitLove is the company I met at TNNA a couple of years ago, and they graciously gave me some samples to try. 


The yarn has 95% wool and 5% acrylic, and because it's mostly wool, it doesn't feel cheap or plastic-y at all. The 5% acrylic does make the yarn a little more splitty, but in Stockinette st it just worked out fine.

The pattern is Striped Boatneck Sweater, from What to Knit When You're Expecting. I omitted the sleeves part so that Logan can wear it over his shirt without getting too warm. 


bow hat

Again, in warm weather, I like to work on small projects that I can finish knitting in a couple of days. 

I improvised on this one. I used Berroco Comfort DK I had, and made a really cute bow for the finishing touch! I was able to cast on and finish in a few days. I'm going to have to wait until the weather cools down a little bit to wear it, but I really like this impromptu project. 


This one is another one for Logan. I just knitted a regular yoke cardigan in the round, but added random scraps of yarn for the top portion. I made the sleeves a little longer so that Logan can wear it for a long time. I have NO IDEA how big/small babies are so I'm just hoping that these all fit him well. :)

The buttons are of course, from my haul last year. These are Vince buttons, probably from their factory in LA. They look so mature, and match perfectly with the tweed yarn I used for the MC.

The tweed yarn is Tahki Yarns Sedona in "Burgundy" colorway, and I used some leftover worsted weight wool from other projects.

Now onto the WIP project!

This one is currently on my needles - it's Popsicle Socks, by Susan B. Anderson. They were originally designed for Spud & Chloe Fine yarn, but recently Spud & Chloe came out with new line of yarn, Stripey Fine. It's in the same base, 80% Superwash Wool and 20% Silk, but dyed in variegated shades. The one I'm working with is Cherry Sundae! It's cheerful and sweet. 

The Stripey Fine's each colorway is comprised of colors from the solid-colored Fine palette! This means, you can mix-and-match Fine and Stripey Fine for stripes and colorwork for more interesting effects. GENIUS.


From today until March 7, 2015, you can use this DISCOUNT CODE: Stripey to get 50% off the Popsicle Socks pattern (the code only works on Ravelry)! I'm also going to be giving away 3 skeins of this Stripey Fine yarn so that you can make your own Popsicle Socks! Stay tuned for the review and the giveaway contest this Friday!