As of today, there are 9!!! weeks till Christmas.

Do you want to get something luxurious and special for your friends and family? Let's talk! 

How does this work? It's very simple. You fill out this form and submit, I will get back to you with some choices and quote. I will require 25% "non-refundable" deposit with each order; the rest is due when the item is complete and I invoice you. However, if, for whatever reason, I cannot complete your gift by December 22, 2015 and you decide to cancel the order because of the delay, I will be happy to refund the "non-refundable" deposit.

If you have more question, we can definitely talk more!

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Mailing Address
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* Currently, this service is only offered for the US residents. If your gift recipient lives somewhere else, leave enough time for me to mail this to you first so that you can arrange delivery to that person later. There may be premium charges to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, depending on the size of the product. 

** I am the only maker at Candy & Bagel -- in order to make sure all the gifts can be delivered by December 24, 2015, I will close this order form at 11:59PM, on November 30, 2015. 

*** After you complete this form, you will receive an email from me with some color, yarn, fabric, and/or design choices within 3 business days. If you don't hear back from me after that timeframe, contact me at, or @candyandbagel on Instagram, or @candybagel on Twitter, or Candy and Bagel Facebook Page.