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Torrance Fiber Festival! (and Halloween, of course)

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Yes yes, obviously, Torrance Fiber Festival was the highlight of this past weekend for me (hehe~) but let's go chronologically and start from Halloween.


Halloween used to be big for me, back in Santa Barbara. If you went to college around So Cal, you know UCSB's Halloween is infamous for its craziness, crowdedness, and cops on horses. =D I don't know why everything felt like so much fun back then.

I think Halloween 2009 for me was the most craziness I had since college. To start, I had three parties I had to be dressed up for. 1) HALSA Halloween Bar Review, 2) Sherry's house party, 3) Ed's party at Casa

And I had NO idea what I wanted to be. Then 5 hours before the first party, I was cleaning out my trunk, and saw two Mickey Mouse hands I snatched from Marty's room a loooong time ago. PERRRRRRRFECT.

But then I didn't wanna drive up to Anaheim to get the whole outfit, so I went digging in my own closet. These are what I came up with: Red hooded dress, black leggings, some white shoes.

Sexy outfits for Halloween are fine, and sometimes fun, but the idea of wearing short skirts and bare shoulders wasn't just appealing to me in this freezing cold weather (ok fine, but So Cal CAN get pretty cold at night).  But then on Saturday, I couldn't be Minnie Mouse.... We were invited by an attorney who works for Disney, so I didn't wanna look like I felt weird dressing up as one of the most famous Walt Disney characters. =D So I was a cat. I dressed in black, and wore a handknit band with cat ears. =)






And Marty dressed up as Rain! =D hahaha that was brilliant. The story begins... 2 years ago, when I first met him at Whittier. My sister saw him one day and exclaimed, "Omg! you totally look like Rain!"  AHAHAHA. I still don't see the resemblance but Rain and Marty, my two favorite guys on earth. =P So here he is, Mr. Chao, trying to look like him. (Cane is in the car)


I woke up (safely in my bed, of course) in my full costume, makeup, AND coat two days in a row. I was so glad it was over, because this was what we were feeling on Sunday...

hehehe.. I almost thought we weren't going to the festival. But we did!

TORRANCE FIBER FESTIVAL! This was my first fiber festival ever, and I had so much fun looking at spinning wheels (and demonstration) books, YARN, and accessories, and meeting the local vendors as well as running into some familiar faces! (Christine at Susan's Kitchen shop, Anne on her way in, Peggy from Stitches from the Heart...)






The roving was purchased by Mr. Chao. =) It's (I think) 60% Merino wool and 40% silk top. MMMm so soft. It reminded me of cotton candy; Mr. Chao said it looked like BRAIN. GAWDDDD. Boys...


I already started using the stitch marker in my Heart Yoke Cardigan! The pattern is from 2009 Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting. I'm making this, hoping to finish by next week since I wanna wear this on a secret trip. =P