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Other Obsessions: {Sewing} Macaron Dress by Colette Patterns

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Pattern: Macaron Dress by Colette Patterns (Purchased at Renegade few years ago)
Fabric: Cotton blend from Michael Levine Loft

My third Macaron Dress! Few years ago, I bought this Macaron dress pattern from Sew-LA booth (not sure, but if I remember correctly...), at the Renegade LA and then walked over to the Fashion District to buy the silk fabric for the yoke, and the peachskin fabric from Michael Levine store, all on the same day. I came home, and went straight to the sewing machine the next morning to make my first Macaron dress.  I wore it to meet Sarai, the owner/designer behind Colette Patterns in LA in 2012 when she and her crew were here for Colette Party.  I paired it with my Swallowtail shawl out of Malabrigo Lace yarn.

Macaron Dress #1 

Macaron Dress #2:

I made the second one out of poly Crushed Taffeta in navy color, from I changed the skirt portion to a circle skirt, and just left the hem undone. 

UNFORUNATELY, this dress ripped in the middle of the wedding we attended in Maui, right where the yoke connects to the bodice. I kept it to see if I could repair it, but I don't think it's repairable, unless I take out the yoke entirely and sew a new one.

So this third one went by very quickly, as I already had the pattern cut up and knew what to do.

That day when I was at Sew LA store, I bought a new invisible zipper presser foot because the one that came with my machine made it IMPOSSIBLE to install one. I feel like my zipper skill is improving! This time, my front bodice and back lined up almost perfectly.

I love all the details in this dress pattern (the yoke/bodice divide, slightly puffy sleeves, and easy neck/collar treatment..) but my favorite part is this cut on the sleeves. They're so flattering!

Overall, I am so glad I saved this fabric for this project. I bought 5 yards of this stuff from Michael Levine's Loft store (it's across from their main store on Maple), where you can buy fabrics BY THE POUND. On the fabric selvedge, it says Cameron Ind., and the tag shows that it was a special order. 

Right now, it's hard to try this on -- but I still tried!

Fortunately, my upper body hasn't changed much since pre-pregnancy days, so I was still able to try on to see the fit of the top. I tried zipping it up, and then gave up midway. =P

I simply cannot wait to wear this after I pop out Logan in about 2 weeks!