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Thoughts on yarn shopping

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A week ago, I complained here how disappointed I was about my yarn stash being so big even after consciously destashing for a year.


So I have been thinking about my yarns and fabric stash. And I am a little calmer and came to realize that my stash has very little to do with knitting or sewing plans, and more to do with inspiration.

When I look at yarns or fabric, I get excited over the texture, the colors, and the possibilities. When I look and touch wool suiting fabric, I dream about making my husband a custom tailored suit. When I look at handdyed merino yarn, I think about wrapping myself in a cozy warm sweater.  

I have come to accept the fact that as long as I knit and sew, I will always have a stash. Because a creative person should not be afraid to invest in his or her source of inspiration. I don't just craft. Things that are made by me represent who I am and what I dream of.  

So. What do I have this week to represent my dreams: 

I have a Playful Stripes cardigan I am knitting for Logan, in Oink Pigment yarns that I purchased at Yarnosphere 2 weeks ago.  

Oink pigment sport. | Candy & Bagel 

Oink pigment sport. | Candy & Bagel 


And I have been becoming more interested in knitting dolls and softies lately and cast on for a Baby Doll by Susan B. Anderson in the Itty-bitty Toys book. I am making it a gender neutral doll, without the dress and am thinking of making something matchy matchy for Logan. 

I am also working on an old WIP project, Cameo by Wendy Bernard. The original design is a cropped cardigan with short sleeves but I have lengthened the body and will be making the sleeves long as well with shaping.  

And I have an FO! I finally re-knitted the sleeves on Marty's Unfortunate Sweater which is drying on the rack right now. I re-installed the zipper as well because Marty complained that the zipper end keeps poking his neck. The mornings and nights here have been absolutely sweater worthy so I will try and get some action shots next week. 

Reknitted the sleeves on Marty's Unfortunate Sweater.  | Candy & Bagel

Reknitted the sleeves on Marty's Unfortunate Sweater.  | Candy & Bagel