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My first post!

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The decision to move to WordPress was a very random one. I have two Gmail accounts and I got tired of switching back and forth. I tried combining the two accounts but I started missing some emails. Very important ones. I separated them again, and it hasn't happened since.But anyways!

So~ I'm excited about this move. Hopefully it'll inspire me to post more often.

Little about me.

Like the blog title shows... I'm a 3L (by August, 2008) and really freaked out about the Bar. I've been knitting on and off since I was 7 but never really made anything that would make me proud. =D Just few scraps here and there. My mom was a fashion designer before she married so I grew up with fabrics everywhere around the house. But mom never let me do anything with fabrics or yarns because she wanted me to just focus on studying. Stay as far away as possible from anything considered "domesticity." Only ONE time she gave in and bought me size 4 needles and some yarn--that was when I was 7. I think it was a gift after I got all As that semester. HAHA.

My mom still frowns upon the whole idea. I keep my knitting secret from her. Boy, was I glad when I found a BUNCH of law students who knit on SEEEE mom? I wasn't the ONLY ONE!!!

So hopefully this blog will keep track of my knitting projects while trying not to freak out about moot court competitions and bar exam preparation.