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[FO] Ribbed Lace Bolero

Jean ChungComment

Yay~ Another bolero done.

I wore this to an opera @ Hollywood Bowl. Everything was good, the food, the weather, the opera, and later it got little chilly but I brought this bolero and the Anthropologie-inspired Capelet so my sister and I wore those during the later part of the opera.

The pattern wasn't so hard to follow, but I had to frog few times because I wasn't counting carefully.. And then when the lace part was done and I was switching back to 2x2 rib, the pattern said I should use a cable to do that and that row took me the whole evening. GAH.

But If I make this again, I think I'll do a better job. I love the softness of the color and I wore this to school yesterday because I was going to be at school all day and school never turns off the a/c, so many people have complimented me on the bolero.

I'm a little hesitant about knitting for someone else though. I used to make some things for my sister but it breaks my heart when the receiver doesn't appreciate the item as much as I do. I was talking to some other knitters on Ravelry and many of them agreed; they wait until the other people BEG them to knit them something. Even their husbands. lol.

Oh, I'm still going to the National Entertainment Law Moot Court competition after all. After our E-Board meeting yesterday, it looks like my partner changed his mind about going so I think I'm going to be working with one of the MCHB-newbie. =) I started reading last year's problem and brief, just for a reference but yeah, mostly copyright and downloading issues. I wonder what the new problem is going to be like.

I'm making a traveler pillow now. I started a long time ago (before the bolero, before the capelet), and in fact, I was almost done with the front part when I realized I used a bigger needle for my yarn and I was making the fabric that is too loose and hole-y.. So I frogged the entire thing... But it was the first time I frogged something without feeling frustrated or angry. I was still excited about making a better project. I finished the front left part with smaller needles last night.

Alright then~ I guess that's it for now.