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Back to school.. One Last Time

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=) i'd like to begin this post with my recent knitting projects. img_8877

An apple cozy for a friend. He is very well known for his apple diet/addiction. =P



Thermis: the very first pattern I paid for. I fell in love with the pattern. I have a feeling I'll be making more of this.


Big Olive Beret: Pattern found here

Hehe, and just this afternoon, I finished Tudora but I haven't taken any photos with it yet so I'll post that later.

So, the Spring Semester began today. And I was just telling my friend (the one who got the awesome apple cozy), how excited I am about this semester.

For one, it is my LAST semester! W00t!!!!

And as weird as it sounds, and at the risk of sounding like a nerd/geek, I'm excited about studying for the bar. (shhh)

Haha, and of course, I'm looking forward to all the new knitting projects I'll finish this year.

New Schedule:

M&W: OCDA's Office

T&R: Employment Law, Wills & Trust, Legal Analysis Workshop

Friday: Bar Prep

People at the "Knitting Law Student" group on Ravelry discussed our new year's resolutions, both knitting- and law school-related. One thing I'm following this year is to treat Friday like any other weekday. haha. I know, a silly concept, but I am very serious. I need all 5 days of the week this time. =P And I'm really serious again, when I say, I am going to sleep at least 7 hours every night. I need to quit doing this 2~3 hrs of sleep, 20+ hour day thing. I'm not very much more productive than people who sleep more in the end. It's more about the quality now, than quantity of hours spent on studying.

Anyways~ I'm excited about the classes tomorrow. =)