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Good morning Boston!


I got here Thursday morning. It was an absolutely great morning. We flew from LAX to SFO (Oh yeah, hello to you too SF! I've missed you) and fell asleep on the plane from SFO to BOS.

When I woke up, what I saw outside was this:

THAT'S THE SKY OF BOSTON!!! So beautiful!


Traveling from the airport to Copley Square Hotel was a breeze! We took the airport shuttle to Blue Line, bought Charlie Pass ($15 for 7-day), got on T, changed to Green. From the Copley station, it was maybe 2 block.. 3 block walk.


We didn't waste a second! We freshened up, and got started on our sightseeing!



Of course, we HAD to have breakfast at Dunkin Donuts! We don't have any in California~ Oh yah, we have boxed ones at Albertson's or something. But we both grew up in Asia and totally missed these lovely donuts. Mmm



After breakfast, we headed out for some adventure around the city, and decided to follow the Freedom Trail.


This beautiful place is actually a burying ground. If you start your Freedom Trail at Boston Common, this is where you'll hit after.


In Boston, even the squirrels were friendly; they were NOT afraid to pose for the camera either!


I've been known to few friends for not liking to take pictures like this one, where one can totally see that you're a tourist and you're just SO happy to be there.

But I gave in for ONE tourist-y picture. Here.



A random Fallout Shelter sign. Hehe. This is Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall area. Marty and I couldn't see the freedom trail sign anymore after the State House/Boston Massacre site, and we were already tired so we decided to stop and look for some food.


We ended up at Union Oyster House! The oldest restaurant in America, and been in operation for 250 years!


One place I was really looking forward to was this place: Boston Public Library.


I didn't get a chance to go TODAY (Thursday) but definitely tomorrow. Marty has to be at the convention tonight so we came back to the hotel early and just relaxed.

What did we have for dinner????? LEGAL SEAFOODS!

I don't have pictures of that place, me tired from walking and taking pictures all day, and partially intimidated by such an intimate setting at the restaurant. TOTALLY didn't want to look like a tourist.


The first day in Boston was very productive. We'll get another chance to finish up the Freedom Trail, of course.