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Chinese Valentine's Day

Jean Chung3 Comments

Today is July 7, by the lunar calendar. The story goes like this. An emperor had a daughter, a 7th daughter who fell in love with a commoner, the emperor didn't allow her to see the guy, they died and became stars on the opposite side of the sky. The godmother felt sorry for them, so she let them see each other once a year on July 7, by letting the milky way to be the bridge between the two stars. When I was growing up in Korea, I heard this story many many times but thought that it was a Korean folk tale or something. But turns out, it's a Chinese one, and that Chinese people still celebrate it as their Valentine's Day.

So, Marty was supposed to pick me up today, which I thought was kind of out of the ordinary since he usually wants me to come over to his place first. Lazy butt. But I didn't think too much of it, until I got to my door to see him and there he was, all dressed up, holding a bouquet of roses!!!

This picture came out a bit too bright so it looks like pink but, I've never seen roses in this shade! It's definitely lavender colored. It's not pink! It's BEAUTIFUL. I mean I love all roses, but this one looks sooo special.

Then he told me about Chinese Valentine's Day. How did I get SOOO lucky? Two Valentine's Day in a year???

Then off we went, shopping. I had to get shoes for the wedding because the one I bought for the wedding back in June still feel too uncomfortable. I was going to go to DSW closer to my house but Marty suggested a different place. I'm so glad he did, because.....

I found these! On sale!

ABIGALE! From Betsey Johnson!

I saw these at the same DSW I went today back in June when I was shopping for the wedding shoes, and fell in love with them, but thought they were still pretty pricey for our low... (not so low anymore though...) budget wedding. I lingered around the shoes for days, until I just grabbed the ones I bought and almost ran out of the shop (after paying for them, of course!)

And, there they were. On sale today. I thought this was fate. =D I was meant to have them. HAHAHAHA. A girl doesn't need an excuse to buy shoes. She'll make one if she feels like it. They feel very comfortable, and it's perfect hue of our wedding colors.

Not to mention that I have a great shopping buddy for a fiance. Especially for shoes, he always picks out great shoes and encourages me and other girls to buy them.

So, I didn't feel too bad paying for them. It's fate. =P And it's for the wedding! =)