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Brownstone by Jared Flood

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Um. Go see this new sweater design by Jared Flood a.k.a. Brooklyn Tweed.

This is probably the FASTEST pattern purchase I've ever done. I saw his blog update, went to see it, gasped, showed it to my husband, and clicked on Paypal at the same time. HAHAHAHA.

This will be Marty's Christmas present. I used to make "surprise" projects for gifts but I've learned that secret projects have tendency to NEVER get done. Period.

So this way, we all know that I have to make something for Marty. This might even mean I won't get to knit for other family members, but here's a reason why I have to knit this one for Marty.

Before we got married, my husband owned two sweaters (c’mon, it’s California).

Then we got a dog, within the first week with us, he chewed through the gray sweater (very thick, short zipper in the front of neck)

We got married, the dog no longer has chewing issue, but few weeks ago we moved to a new apartment with washer/dryer inside the unit, he was going through laundry like a storm, put in his other sweater (100% merino wool from banana republic, NOT superwash) and conveniently shrank it into MY size. ><

Now I HAVE to make a sweater for him since I really ran out of all the excuses (“oh you already have two sweaters, it’s California, that’s enough”, “there’s this thing called Boyfriend Sweater Curse,” “oh you still have the other good one, it’s California, that’s enough”)

He's already seen the sweater and said "not bad" I think in his family, "not bad" actually means "pretty good!" (talk about oppressed self-expression but that's for a different blog, for another time...)  So off I go, searching for the right yarn (Marty requested salt and pepper colorway, little bit of black, gray and white.)