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FO:: Boston Sweater

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I fell in love with this pattern when I first laid my eyes on it in Vogue Knitting 2009 Holiday issue. Back then, I hadn't developed much taste in yarns and bought most of my yarns at Jo Ann and Michaels. On top of that, I was a hardcore vegan and didn't buy any animal products, including wool.

This sweater changed that.

Well at first, I didn't buy any wool. My sister had just broken up with her ex (dated for 3 months, not that serious) and had his sweater lying around in the house. I asked if I could rip it apart. She said, go ahead.

So I did that, and washed and created this DK-weight tweed yarn. It's black with red, blue, yellow specks.


So why Boston Sweater?

I cast this on in November, 2009 right before my bf (now my husband) and I went to Boston. I was about to find out the California Bar Exam result that weekend while we were there. Obviously, I was too anxious to knit and I wasn't able to wear this in Boston as I planned. I still took it with me, I passed!, and I really enjoyed the whole trip. We even stopped by several yarn shops.

Pattern: #3 Heart Yoke Cardigan by  Kate Gagnon Osborn

Yarn: Recycled Quicksilver L size Men's cardigan (with zipper and everything! It was a bigger job than I imagined)

Needles: US 3