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Britex Fabrics in San Francisco

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I grew up in the Bay Area; and have been to the City maybe more than 200 times after my 15th birthday. My mom is a fashion designer and sews at home all the time. And yet, this is my FIRST TIME even hearing about Britex Fabrics. WTH?

But even though this was my first time, it didn't take me long to realize the historical and industrial importance of this store. Today, hubby went back to work (not far from Union Square), sis went to hang out with her friends in Japantown, so I had some free time today. I finished working on some things for my own job, and then went to explore this store.

If I died and went to fabric heaven, this is it. Very expensive heaven, but heaven nonetheless. I walked in and was a bit overwhelmed by the proper-looking salespeople and high-end, quality fabrics in the first floor. Silk, mohair-blend, woolen fabrics. After the initial price tag shock, I was able to look at some beautiful fabrics. I especially wanted this woolen fabric that said it was made for Prada, but couldn't afford to pay $170 for fabric just enough for a short pencil skirt that I may or may not be able to fit and cut perfectly. Maybe when I get better at sewing, I'll come back and buy the most exquisite suiting materials. :)

I ended up getting some materials for the knitting pieces I'm doing right now. For those who don't know, I am knitting an evening gown from scratch. The yarn is deep midnight-black (a hint of blue-green) so I picked up some satin ribbon for the belt section, and then some darning needles (because I packed needles and yarns for the trip, but forgot my notions bag... dumb me); and a measuring tape (for the same reason above).

Good thing I picked up these at Britex, because when I came back to the Castro neighborhood, ImagiKnit was closed early! What a disappointment.