Candy + Bagel

Responsibly Handmade Fashion by Jean Chung


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so it looks like I'll be traveling soon. Just last week, my husband's grandpa passed away after struggling with various health issues for a while... I don't speak their language, but as far as I understand, he suffered from dementia, diabetes, and blood pressure problems on top of his old age.. Not a shocker, but still a sad news nonetheless.

To accommodate all the members of the family who are living abroad, the funeral ceremony will take place in the first week of July but I'll be traveling to Korea to see my parents first and then join my husband in Taiwan.

So with only 2 weeks to prepare, we finally booked the tickets today and I'm shopping on behalf of my relatives like crazy. I am so glad I took care of my expired passport back in March because if I waited until October, when we originally planned to go back to Asia, this prep would've been way more stressful.

During the past 2 years, I've dealt with my grandpa passing away from lung cancer, my mom battling breast cancer (yay! go mom!), and now this. I'm reminded everyday of the frailty of human life. I'm ALMOST 30 now and more than ever, I am determined to enjoy life to the fullest and do what makes me happy, everyday, even if that means doing something totally unexpected and disappointing for some people who had other hopes and dreams for me. After all, this is my life, and no one else can live it for me.

My older friends might laugh at this, but when I see college kids sometimes, I feel envious of their "unknownness" and naivete. They have no idea what's in store for their lives, and all they have to do is just LIVE. Fortunately, I am still young, younger at heart, with pretty good health even with all the destructive things I've done in the younger years. I'm just glad I got to appreciate my time on this earth and realized what I have to do for the rest of my life.