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Introducing... new blog section "Sewing Sunday"

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Brought to you by... ME! Sewing? Me?

Well, one of many reasons why I started and fell in love with knitting was my love for creating my own clothing. I grew up wearing clothes my mom made. So it was natural for me to want my own unique clothes. My mom always bought clothes, not to wear as is but to fix it and fit it to her body perfectly. She always looked like a million bucks even in a $20 dress.

After so many years of wanting to learn to sew, and thinking that sewing will somehow enhance my knitwear designs in the long run, I signed up for the design school.

This section is going to be about sewing! Every Sunday, I'll share with you what I've been sewing and designing!

Last week, I finally drafted a pattern and made a pair of shorts out of this gorgeous vintage fabric I found in the remnant section. It's light muted pink, with white little roses all over. The result is this:

I wore them twice already. I took some pictures wearing them today.

It fits me really well. The only thing I would do differently next time would be using heavier interfacing for the waistband, and do a lapped zipper in the middle, not a centered invisible zipper on the side.