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Sewing FO: The new Sorbetto pattern by Colette Patterns

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CandyandBagel Sorbetto with Sleeves

Colette Patterns is my go-to sewing patterns. They are simple enough to be easily adaptable to fabric choices and other modifications you want to try, but interesting enough to make you want to make multiples of the same pattern. From a cost conscious hobbyist's perspective, a pattern that keeps on giving makes sense.

And in this case, it's even better because Sorbetto is a free pattern. There was a short-sleeve modification floating around on the internet, but finally, they came out with newly graded Sorbetto pattern, with the official short-sleeve pattern. The new one has a simpler dart-line pattern for all sizes, the short sleeves look perfect, and still very simple. 

I bought this 1.5 yards of Kaufman Chambray Union Dots Indigo fabric from when L was born. I thought I would go back to sewing soon so I bought it to make a summer top, but it ended up in my hibernating stash for a couple of years. 

When I saw that Colette came out with the updated Sorbetto pattern, I looked through my stash and re-discovered this chambray fabric. PERFECT.

CandyandBagel Sorbetto sleeves

I love how Sorbetto uses bias tape to treat the neckline. It creates a fool-proof, strong, easy neckline and I love how you can go traditional or funky with the bias tape choices. 

MeMadeMay is turning out well this year, I've already finished 4 new tops in the last 2 weeks!



Handmade Korean hanbok for First Birthday (Dol)

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Korean celebration for 1st birthday is a big deal. You invite all your friends, family, coworkers in a banquet hall, prepare Korean food, rice cakes, and you dress up, you dress up the kid in the traditional clothing, and the kid plays a game to predict his future/career. 

We don't have any family members other than a cousin here so we decided to keep it really casual, and do a bbq party at a local park with picnic shelter. We are not great at bbq-ing so we catered from Famous Dave's BBQ, made some decor, and ordered cupcakes from our favorite bakery. 

At the last minute though, I decided that even if he is just half Korean, he deserves a birthday hanbok, the Korean traditional clothing. It was too late to rent it or order it from Korea, and I seem to make his clothes for all his important dates anyway (his 100th day, for example). 

So I picked some 100% linen fabric I had in my stash, to go with our Fox/Navy theme. 


 I used a gold metallic bias tape for the neck binding, and used a gold ribbon for the ties to make it super simple. I added a cuff in black and gold shantung fabric for an accent and more "Asian flair."

Logan really loved his new clothes and walked around the park in them for a while until it got too warm (it was 78 but felt hotter because it was lunch time). 

I can't believe we are here celebrating my baby's first birthday. :) 

Working on free sewing patterns

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Free patterns are great. As a maker, it's a great resource to experiment with a project in mind, and manipulate without worrying about ruining an expensive pattern. As a designer, making free patterns may be counterintuitive but it helps putting your name out there, drive traffic to your blog or designer page, etc. It's also a great way to practice making patterns to sell later.

I have never sold a sewing pattern before. I draft sewing patterns and use it for baby's clothes or accessories but I am still learning about grading for different sizes on sewing (especially with woven fabric) so I don't feel quite ready to publish sewing patterns yet.

But I wanted to share some of my creations with other makers. So I'm experimenting with making some accessories patterns to be shared as free patterns later. For example, I drafted this bib pattern for Logan. We are doing baby-led weaning with him, which mean MESS MESS and more MESS. I got some plastic bibs for him but he hates the texture and just gets distracted and starts chewing on the bib instead of focusing on the food. His other bibs are more of drool bibs, so they soak up stains super easily and not quite big enough to cover his body. So I decided to make some with busy pattern to hide the stains but soft enough for him. I hope these work because he LOVES blueberries, and yogurt. And it is PAIN to remove stain. 

I will keep you posted!