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Handmade Korean hanbok for First Birthday (Dol)

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Korean celebration for 1st birthday is a big deal. You invite all your friends, family, coworkers in a banquet hall, prepare Korean food, rice cakes, and you dress up, you dress up the kid in the traditional clothing, and the kid plays a game to predict his future/career. 

We don't have any family members other than a cousin here so we decided to keep it really casual, and do a bbq party at a local park with picnic shelter. We are not great at bbq-ing so we catered from Famous Dave's BBQ, made some decor, and ordered cupcakes from our favorite bakery. 

At the last minute though, I decided that even if he is just half Korean, he deserves a birthday hanbok, the Korean traditional clothing. It was too late to rent it or order it from Korea, and I seem to make his clothes for all his important dates anyway (his 100th day, for example). 

So I picked some 100% linen fabric I had in my stash, to go with our Fox/Navy theme. 


 I used a gold metallic bias tape for the neck binding, and used a gold ribbon for the ties to make it super simple. I added a cuff in black and gold shantung fabric for an accent and more "Asian flair."

Logan really loved his new clothes and walked around the park in them for a while until it got too warm (it was 78 but felt hotter because it was lunch time). 

I can't believe we are here celebrating my baby's first birthday. :) 

#DestashChallenge Update:

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Ballet legwarmers by Jean Chung

Ballet legwarmers by Jean Chung

Some people in my ballet class started asking me to make things for them. And I'm only happy to oblige! I get so excited when I get to make things for people, and spread the joy of handknits. Many are surprised how soft handknit items are, because they just automatically associate handknitting with scratchy wool.

Legwarmers are for one of the dancers in my ballet class. She wanted something simple and plain, knee-length because she needs her knees to get warm, and in dark gray color. Well I just had the perfect yarn for her.

Hera Wool by Samsung Wool Company (Korean website)- Were you surprised that Samsung makes yarn? Although in the U.S., Samsung is known for Samsung Electronics, it is actually conglomerate (multi-industry) company in Korea. Samsung does cars, textile, school uniforms, credit cards, entertainment, etc. 

Hera Wool came out a couple of years ago, as washable wool. If Merino/Nylon blend is popular in the Western hemisphere as washable wool, Wool/Acrylic is in the Eastern hemisphere. Hera Wool is 85% Merino, 15% Acrylic. But when you knit with it, it doesn't feel at all like acyrlic. It has good twists, bounciness, and plied very round. 

Gauge was 22 sts and 30 rows in 4" square swatch; I designed it just so that they come to the knees (19~20" long). I used about 3 balls of Hera Wool.

So there you go: 3 out of 10 balls of yarn for Round 4 of #DestashChallenge!

WIPs on the needles:

1) Improvised sweater in Erika Knight Vintage Wool yarn (8)
2) Aidez cardigan (20)
3) Hugo sweater for Marty (8)
4) Socks for Marty (1)
5) Sock It To Me KAL "Revenge of the Stripes" socks in Toil & Trouble yarn (1)
6) Plain socks in handdyed Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn. (1)
7) Cleckheaton Beanie in Australian Superfine Merino yarn  (2) - DON'T FORGET: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY CONTEST!


That totals 41 (!!!!!) balls of yarn!

back from Korea

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just came back from korea about 2 weeks ago and now i finally have some time to update! To recap, Here are some photos:






basically, it was lots of shopping, eating, and spending time with family.

For those who care, my mom survived Stage 2 breast cancer 2 years ago, and just recently was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastized breast cancer again. So I had to make this trip, to see her and to soend more time with her. As I left home when I was 17, I havent had a lot of time with my family. Everything was good. Mom is doing very well, with the combination of acupuncture and the newest drugs in breast cancer treatment. It makes her very tired but she says it's better than chemo.

So, now I am back. The trip has worn me out and I'm slowly getting back in the flow of the routine. I will come back with more!