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Sewing Sunday: Marty's Maui Shirt

Jean Chung1 Comment

I got this polynesian print fabric from Michael Levine, Inc to make my husband a hawaiian shirt. We're heading off to Maui in less than a month to attend a friend's destination wedding and because neither of us has ever been to Hawaii, we're very much excited! I have a lot of dresses to sew in the next 3~4 weeks, but to start off my Hawaiian trip sewing, I finished Marty's Maui Shirt first.

The pattern I used is "Negroni" from Colette Patterns, an extremely popular men's shirt pattern in the sewing world. I love Colette Patterns and everything the line offered in the past so I had no doubt in my mind that this pattern will totally fit my husband. Marty usually wears Medium and likes slim-fit in all his clothing, including suits. Some of the work shirts he wears, including his Valentino shirts are really loose and he's waiting for me to take tailoring or alteration class so I can fix them. But I think I like this pattern enough so I'll try the long sleeve version next time. I already bought beautiful shirting fabrics including ones from Burberry and Marc Jacobs.

Anyhow, as usual, Colette provided excellent instructions for the pattern and overall, I'm very pleased with the result. Marty really loves how it fits, and has worn this shirt a number of times already.

I'm looking forward to making this shirt again in those nice Italian shirting fabrics I bought because while this polynesian fabric is pretty good quality for a Hawaiian shirt, I'm not in love with how it feels.

If I make it in small, I think it'll be also perfect for women's shirt.