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Hi friends,

It might have looked almost as if I've forgotten about the whole knitting business for a while. I haven't updated anything here for a while, I haven't released any pattern since last October, etc. 

In fact, it was quite the opposite. Back in January, I was approached by a yarn company in South Korea with an opportunity to develop an entire collection of original designs. It was really exciting. I could do anything I wanted, with unlimited yarn support. 

I sketched. Yarns were shipped. I sketched some more. Then started knitting.

Then I started a new job. There was the whole chaos with my 16-month son getting used to the daycare, a temporary childcare solution we found until a spot opened up at my employer's Montessori school. It was a chaos because Kiddo hated it. He cried every single morning, refused to nap at the daycare, and I disagreed on almost every tactic the daycare provider was using to help Kiddo soothe himself. Fortunately, a spot opened up at the school after just 3 weeks so at 17 month, my Kiddo started school full time. 

All this to say, that my samples were being delayed. Then unfortunately (or fortunately....?), the event where I was supposed to show the collection got canceled. 

On one hand, I was really relieved that I wouldn't have to stay up every night to finish all the samples on time. On the other hand, I was really disappointed that, because I was relying on several new designs being released in the fall, I had not worked on any submissions here in the U.S. 

With my new Winter Forest design in Holla Knits Winter 2016 issue, I'm slowly moving back into the old routine. So I promise to keep you posted!