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a nekkid one for now.

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On Wednesday, I finished the baby doll project, the pattern from the Itty-Bitty Toys book by Susan B. Anderson. A fantastic pattern, and I followed it well up until attaching the legs and foot. The instruction wasn't that clear as to what angle or position the feet and legs should be so I kind of winged it. The pattern DOES say that I should consult the photos as a guide. 

I didn't make a nose or belly button, I think that would make the nekkid baby too... real? I just made Body, Head, Arms/hands, Legs/feet, and Ears. It went by pretty quickly! I am definitely ready for another toy project. Maybe a Baby Bear?  

This is really the peak knitting season for me. Ideas flow, and projects in the Ravelry Queue get DONE.  

By the way, Ravelry Queue is made for people like me, who LOVE making lists. I find myself laying in bed late at night revising my queue all the time. At one point, the queue got to something like 9 pages! I had to really edit it and put some patterns in "Favorites" instead of in my queue if I'm not THAT serious about making it. 

So now I'm down to 4 pages and noticed that I have a lot of baby things in the top priority. I think I would still like to knit some selfish projects, so I put some quick hat project for me and a sweater project right after Baby one so that we can maybe do something matchy-matchy. 

So will the Nekkid one have some clothes? I don't know. I put the safety eyes on but I still don't trust the baby alone with this one since everything goes into his mouth these days. I think I'll wait and see if I want to dress him up a bit. For now, it's a nekkid one.