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What am I?

Jean Chung2 Comments

It just occurred to me that I should change the blog description. I'm no longer vegan. Mind you, I still don't eat meat. But it's really hard to be a complete vegan as a Korean person who grew up on Korean food. All Korean soups use fish broth (anchovy). I do request meat-free dish when I order, but the soup broth can't be changed you know? Plus, buying vegan substitute cookies or ingredients were really affecting my bank account. It's so sad but I have to survive on $1,000/month budget.. and that includes my $617/mo rent.

So for now, I'm vegetarian. Just so that I don't get another seizure due to low blood sugar, which happens a lot with me when I skip meals. As vegan, I often skipped meals when I was at an event and there was no other option. Now, I just get vegetarian and eat that instead. Eggs give me enough calories and nutrition and doesn't cost a lot.

I really felt bad for a while because I wasn't vegan anymore; I felt like I betrayed my animal friends.. But I guess I have more chance of helping animals if I stayed alive! And I'm still vegetarian.