Candy + Bagel

Responsibly Handmade Fashion by Jean Chung


Jean Chung1 Comment

This one is probably one of the best known patterns in the knitting world.

WISP. (Ravelry link)

It was kinda boring, but was a quick knit. I was able to finish... in 3 days? And towards the end, I just got quicker and quicker at it, I didn't feel all that bored either.

There's something really beautiful about taking a thin string and turn it into a wearable art. If you have seen a wrinkly piece of mess that turns into a beautiful lace shawl after blocking, you know what I'm talking about.

Only downside of this.... I've decided to make a shawl for both of my bridesmaids. This means, I have to make 1 more.  Sigh.