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TA DA~!!!

While I was in midst of cleaning my room (a.k.a. throwing away things) and finding close to 10 WIPs,  I decided that I need a new system. Hence, the Progress Board.

I know that Ravelry is a great site not only for finding patterns and discussion boards, but also for organizing current, finished, and future projects. But, I also realized that since I'm not attached to my computer 24/7, especially when I'm at a yarn shop or a bookstore, I tend to "forget" how many projects I already cast on. I needed something that would be a constant reminder for me.

This Board now hangs above my yarn stash by the DOOR. And, I am so happy to report that this thing actually WORKS!

Since I posted this up on my wall, I've finished 2 projects that were hibernating, and 1 new project. Also, it's preventing me from casting on random projects on a whim. Rather, I'd just put the project on the board as a future project, and see if I have any more urgent projects coming up like a sample knitting project or project with a deadline.

Other aspects of life are going well too. Being "done" with wedding prep feels great, and I just went to volunteer at Asian Pacific American Bar Association (APABA)'s Elder Law Clinic in LA. I love working with elders. They usually know exactly what they want, just need directions to achieve what they want. I find a common theme among them. They want to simplify their lives, which is kind of interesting because most people think that lawyers know how to provide complicated, sophisticated solutions. But in a lot of ways, estate planning lawyers are similar to wedding planners. They simplify life, taking into consideration finance, situation, personality, and dreams.

I also learned a lot from the clinic. I love it.