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[HolidayKnitting] Schedule & Update

Jean ChungComment

So, VivianaC asked me to post my schedule (btw, she's doing the same challenge on her blog!) Here it is: Turbulence U-Neck Sweater

11/1 Back side

11/2 Back; start Front

11/3 Front

11/4 Sleeves

11/5 Finish; swatch for Dad's sweater

EZ's seamless hybrid sweater

11/6~8 Body

11/9~10 Sleeves

11/11 Saddle

11/12 Finish. Swatch for Mom's sweater

ChicKnits Basic Pulli

11/13~14 Body

11/15 Sleeves

11/16 Finish; Swatch for Sister's sweater vest

Laretto Vest

11/17~19 Body

11/20 Finish; Swatch for Chanel's sweater

11/21~24 Chanellette (During road trip to San Jose)

11/25~12/1 Neighborly

12/1 Swatch for Marty's Men's Cable Cardigan; Start Button Tunic

12/2~12/4 Button Tunic

12/5~12/8 Marty's cardigan body

12/8~10 Sleeves

12/12 FFinish

12/12~13 Fingerless mitts

12/14~15 Fingerless mitts

12/16~18 Destroyed Cowl

12/19~12/23 Shawl

So far, I'm on schedule! =D At this rate, I should be done with this sweater on time or a day early.