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FO: Baby's Sock-Yarn Sweater

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California's summer season always begins with the coldest temperature of the year it seems. June Gloom came early this year. It is raining, and the highest daytime temperatures are in the high 60s. This may be the only chance for us to wear long sleeve sweaters all year so we make the best of it. 


Few days ago, I cast on for this sweater, Designed by Hannah Fettig of Knitbot. I loved the endless stockinette stitch bodice and sleeves. And love the fact that I can destash my sock yarns in something other than socks.  


I got this yarn from Yarn Del Sol in Mission Viejo, which is about 10 minutes from my home in Irvine. They have lovely selections of indie dyers yarns and this The Sheepwalk Fiber Studio yarn is one of them.  



The colorway is a combination of mint green and various shades of browns. When knitted in the round for a sweater, it makes a very consistent striping pattern. Once I got to the largest round, which is right before dividing for the armholes, the colors started pooling but I love the colors as is.



The smallest size fits my 2 month old, 14 lb baby really well. It is still a bit big on him so I am hoping that he will get more use out of it through June and then later in the fall. 

My 29th birthday with Diana Vishneva!!

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Well not exactly. I went to SEE Diana Vishneva's performance which was DEDICATED TO ME by my wonderful husband. :D For months, my husband was telling me that he bought a BIG birthday present for me, so big that it should cover Valentine's Day, my Birthday, Thanksgiving (do people give presents for Thanksgiving?! haha), and Christmas for 2 years. And that he doesn't even really know what it is. I was confused but didn't press it so that I can be properly surprised.

And surprised, I was.

After a modest but delicious sushi dinner, we went to the Center, and upon entering my husband just points to a nearby poster without words.

And it said:

20131107_184231 20131107_184254

My heart skipped a beat. For a second, I thought wait, how did they know it's my birthday? And then I thought, Oh do they do this to everyone who has birthdays this month? So I looked around but every poster around the entire Segerstrom Hall had MY name only.

Not only that, after the preview talk, my husband led me to the upper level, I was still focused on the blue posters, when a lady greeted us. At the private donor's lounge!

We hung out in the lounge, took some photos, and met wonderful people from the Center.





Side Note! Can you see what I'm wearing? My handmade faux leather dress and handknit shawl!







Diana Vishneva was wonderful. Modern ballet pieces are always difficult for me but even if I didn't understand 100% of the material, I didn't really have to. Diana's movement was the art. For each of the 30-something minute act, I was totally mesmerized in her movement, couldn't even breath big. I can't believe I'll be getting her autograph soon!


and the Center sent us home with this goodness.

This morning, I woke up with a smile on my face. I felt like I was waking up from a really sweet dream. It was such a special day. I dreamed about seeing Diana Vishneva since I heard that she was coming to OC. It was on my birthday, and to top it off, my husband made the whole experience extra special for me.

You win, husband.


Knitting? What Knitting?

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Seriously. I haven't had a chance to blog about knitting... because I haven't been knitting.


How could that be? I'm a knitter. Is there a knitting who doesn't knit?! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEE~~

It all started since I came back from Korea. I didn't even knit on the plane ride back from Korea. I just got all tired, didn't want to do anything, didn't want to eat anything --- > I think I was super depressed.

Since I got back to work, I think it has gotten a bit better, but nothing much has happened in terms of knitting. I am designing a sweater right now so maybe I'll have more to talk about!

But I didn't want to leave my blog so cold without no new updates.

So here are some photos to show you that I'm still alive and well:


Husband's parents came to visit for a week, so we ate out every single night and had very awesome brunches both Saturday and Sunday. This one is at Larchmont Bungalow in LA.


After the brunch, we took our parents to the Farmer's Market at The Grove.




Which isn't really "farmer's market" anymore, but still cute and has awesome snacks and food.




On Sunday, we took them to  Orange Hill Restaurant, which is like 10 minutes away from home but is up on the hill so you get a nice view of Orange County and LA. Not much to see, but it's very cozy and fun (I mean unlimited champagne with your buffet breakfast?).

They left just this week, early on Monday and the doggies were sad. Even Candy, who just met my mother in law for the first time!

Maybe it just takes time. TIME. to recover from a long trip and such a fulfilling experience with family.