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I have always been the "ta-da" blogger. Here's my finished object, Ta-Da! Here's my new design, Ta-Da! So I may look very prolific but in fact, I have too many UFOs. Unfinished Objects. I can't even count. When my husband and I moved last month, I tried to put all my UFOs in one Rubbermaid box.

1. Diminishing Rib Cardigan from 2009: this was actually once finished, but I had to rip the sleeves because they were done closer to my bar exam and the stress and tension made the sleeves more tightly knit than the body. It looked too awkward. Still unfinished, almost 3 years later.

2. NUMBER of socks. It's not that I have one-sock syndrome (where you finish one sock and then you lose interest before casting on the second sock?). In fact, I casted on the second sock for all of them. But I have a lot of socks I started at the same time and they're taking a while.

3. The Orchid Thief Shawl. This one is not that old, I just started it last week and I really enjoy it but it was put on hold because I have less time to knit now and I have to finish sample knitting

4. Sample knitting for a designer (a sweater)

5. Sample knitting for a yarn company (a lace shawl)

6. Design sample for my own pattern

7. Hush, from last year. I have 1 sleeve left to knit.

8. Auburn sweater from February. Okay, this one is pretty recent too, I have 1 sleeve left to knit as well.

9. "Boston" sweater. When did I go to Boston? 2009. This one was put on hold because I couldn't find the yarn I wanted to use for the stranded colorwork part. Note to self: pick all the yarns I need for the project BEFORE casting on.

10. Silk Cocoon. My sister wanted this wrap cardigan since we lived together. When was that? 2009. Sigh.

11. Cocoon. Not the wrap cardigan in #10, this is a stole. Put on hold because of all the other knitting I must do. Intended for Spring 2011. Which is almost over.

12. Effortless Cardigan. I ogled this sweater for a long time, finally bought the pattern, and whizzed through the body. I picked up the stitches for the sleeve and now it's hibernating.

13. Kat. It's a hat, meant for my sister last winter season. On hold because it's not exactly mobile knitting project (need to have the pattern with you).

I'm just going by my memory, so I must have more at home but I'm scared to continue. I think I'll start by "finish 2, start 1" challenge. I'll only cast on for a new project when I have finished two UFOs.

Start Date: April 25, 2011

Deadline. July 20, 2011.

Challenge: Finish 2 UFOs, start 1 project.