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Bagel's 2nd Birthday~

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Over a year ago, when Marty and I were still boyfriend and girlfriend.. We signed up to become members of a dog rescue organization called Sweet Home Rescue. Each month, we brought dogs over from Taiwan and they were adopted into really awesome families here, all over the country. Then as a group, we decided to try and bring dogs over here first, so that potential adoptive parents can meet the dogs first before making decisions. The very first dog that got picked as a trial was this cutie called "Bagel." The group selected Bagel because although his foster mom in Taiwan is this awesome volunteer who periodically goes in random animal shelters to rescue a bunch of dogs at once, before they get euthanized, she does let the dogs roam around freely in her backyard and this mischievous Bagel boy had escaped several times and got lost... repeatedly. At least that's what we were told.

We were given pictures of him, and Marty and I decided to foster this one until someone can adopt him here.

We were careful not to get attached to Bagel and we patiently waited till he arrived at LAX on April 3, 2010. And we decided to keep him at Marty's house.

We were kind of surprised at how big he was compared to his baby pictures! And we were even more surprised at how this boy warmed up to us almost immediately. He slept the whole way until we got home, and we led him inside the apartment, he looked dazed, looked back at us, then flop, he laid down for a tummy rub!

Then we went through about 2~3 families who wanted to adopt Bagel, but Marty and I both felt that little pang every time we had to show someone else Bagel for adoption. After 5 days, I suggested to Marty that we adopt him, and he looked SO relieved.

Yesterday, May 1, 2011 was Bagel's 2nd birthday! What a big boy.

I can't imagine our life without Bagel. He made Marty and I more of a complete family and provides more entertainment than any other activities. MUAH, I love you Bagel!