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WIPs & (NO) FOs (YET): baby hat

WIPs & FOsJean ChungComment

 Who said I wouldn't have time for knitting once the baby is here?

babyhat in Tosh handdyed

I'm using the leftover handdyed Tosh Sock yarn I had from this sock project, and making  a simple hat for my little man. He was born with 11" head size, which is SMALL, because most newborn size hats are standardized at 13.5" circumference. So all the baby hats I knitted for him were too big on him. I'm shortening this hat by 1" and put in a bit longer ribbing at the bottom so that they can hold better. I think this will still be pretty loose on him. 

But yes! Wearing the baby makes knitting with the newborn totally possible. I had no idea how that 1 hour of knitting would make me feel like a new person. These days, my life revolves around this little man. Nurse, burp, change diapers, Repeat. Thankfully, he started sleeping 3~4 hours at a time at night time so we are not getting our sleep interrupted as much as when we first brought him home (wow, that first night back was horrendous).

I'm hoping to finish this hat by today and block it so his little head would have something else to wear than the acrylic knit cap the hospital gave us!