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FO: Baby's Sock-Yarn Sweater

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California's summer season always begins with the coldest temperature of the year it seems. June Gloom came early this year. It is raining, and the highest daytime temperatures are in the high 60s. This may be the only chance for us to wear long sleeve sweaters all year so we make the best of it. 


Few days ago, I cast on for this sweater, Designed by Hannah Fettig of Knitbot. I loved the endless stockinette stitch bodice and sleeves. And love the fact that I can destash my sock yarns in something other than socks.  


I got this yarn from Yarn Del Sol in Mission Viejo, which is about 10 minutes from my home in Irvine. They have lovely selections of indie dyers yarns and this The Sheepwalk Fiber Studio yarn is one of them.  



The colorway is a combination of mint green and various shades of browns. When knitted in the round for a sweater, it makes a very consistent striping pattern. Once I got to the largest round, which is right before dividing for the armholes, the colors started pooling but I love the colors as is.



The smallest size fits my 2 month old, 14 lb baby really well. It is still a bit big on him so I am hoping that he will get more use out of it through June and then later in the fall.