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Getting Over a Knitting Slump

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Every once in a while, I lose the will to create. I stop knitting, sewing, cooking, cleaning... My days just go by and I have no desire to use that part of my brain.

For few months now, I barely knitted anything. Some days, I would force myself and try to knit few stitches, but the fire is out. Gone. I decided to give myself some time. I wondered if I was done with creating, even. 

I think this has been the longest slump I have had to dealt with. It started out slow. I wasn't getting new design ideas (all of my recent works have been actually old ideas), sewing was impossible with now very curious and mobile toddler around the house, and my days revolved around the said toddler pretty much all day long. 

Things are looking up though. These past few days, I started knitting more, working on some sock designs for women and kids. I have a big project coming up in the fall (still work in progress and details are not laid out yet) so anxiously I have been waiting for the knitting mojo to come back. I am hoping to finish more projects in the coming weeks so I can come back to blogging again!