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Life Things: Thanksgiving Sales!

Life ThingsJean ChungComment

The Thanksgiving is this Thursday in the U.S. Which, to some people, means lots of meat, desserts, and sleep. To me (hello, celiac disease and gluten free life), Thanksgiving means SHOPPING. 

Thanksgiving Sale traditionally happen on Friday morning, hence the name Black Friday, but I feel like "Black Friday" has been happening earlier and early each year. Trust me, I'm not complaining! I love it! 

Some sales already started on this past Monday, some will start today! Jo-Ann already had a doorbuster sales this morning at 6am. 

With my #DestashChallenge, I don't think it'd be wise for me to go yarn shopping, but! I'm planning on buying some needles and other notions. More double point needles? maybe a pattern holder with magnets

Also, I might be in the market for an Apple iPod Touch. Yes. Me. I'm not a huge fan of Apple products, and am a die-hard Google and Android fan, but I'm also addicted to knitting podcasts. And I'm getting tired of manually going through podcast lists on iTunes and then my podcast catcher on my phone. Also, a bunch of newer podcasts are video podcasts, and my phone battery can't handle that. So I decided to invest in a iPod Touch and I'll be shopping for a good deal.

What are you shopping for this weekend?