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Life Things: 31 weeks along and counting!

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Finally, Month 8 is here! I cannot believe it! 

This month is getting really exciting for Marty and me. We started taking our Prepared Childbirth classes! Our instructor was so awesome that we decided to give other classes a try too. So we signed up for: Infant Safety & CPR (car seats, choking, cpr stuff); Baby Care Basics (How to calm a fussy baby, etc); and Bootcamp for New Dads (This one is for Marty only).

So far, I haven't had any leg cramps, any backache, and haven't bought any maternity clothes. Everything feels pretty comfortable now. After the class, I suddenly got this feeling: Marty and I are doing this together! I'm not alone! 

Why is that I felt like pregnancy and labor/delivery are "women's job"? I thought about all the pregnancy jokes (i.e. "I'm growing a human inside me! The least you could do is cook/clean/treat me like a queen!) and how it makes people think growing a human and delivering the human is the woman's job, whereas the men's job is to just make her feel comfortable and feel sorry for her.

But yesterday's class was an eye-opening experience. The instructor made all the men talk to us through the relaxation exercise, and sure in the beginning, we felt awkward and funny. But by the third time, we got all serious, and I was surprised to find Marty's voice soothing and encouraging. That's when I really realized that we're in this together. It really made me feel closer to Marty and it was really moving.

Today, I felt like I could finally enjoy this baby's presence and pregnancy. Yes, I should've been more thankful about how easy this pregnancy has been. But deep down, I resented feeling limited and felt like I could use pregnancy as an excuse to get out of things. I wasn't even fearful of the labor/delivery; because I just couldn't picture it in my head and felt like it was someone else's life. But after last night's class, I'm convinced that everything is going to be okay.

9 more weeks, and Logan is going to be in my arms. Wow. People talk about making something out of nothing... Making babies is truly just THAT. I cannot believe I met a boy, and the boy and I made a human being and it's growing inside me. It's still crazy. :D