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16 hrs till end of law school

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Employment law final tomorrow, from 9am~12pm brings me to the end of law school. It is truly an end of an era. Meanwhile, I cannot concentrate on studying at alllllll. I keep daydreaming about things to do after my very last final in law school. It also does not help that I had almost one week to study for just THIS exam, and that's more than enough to cram. I am so sick of looking at my outline.

If any professors are reading this....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make your past exams available. Some exams on file are from like 80s! C'mon, I know a lot has changed since the 80s, and we need new materials to study with. AND, PLEEEEEASE include SOME type of answer key: grading rubric, sample answer, or students' best answer. How else am I going to know I got all the issues?

Well since my professor did not have any exams available at the library, I tried to do ones available at other law schools. I liked this one, so if you're preparing for employment law final, check this out: Golden Gate U Law School, Prof. Cooper's practice exams.

It has all of the aforementioned requirements for being a GOOD sample exam. It has the questions, and several students' sample answers that is graded (you can see the professor's handwritten notes on the margins). Love it.

As far as knitting goes, I am ALMOST done with B.O.B. (free pattern on Ravelry) I'm working on the sleeves at once, using magic loop, so it's taking a while... but I am almost there, 15 out of 17 inches. Then I just have to attach and knit the yoke, which should be quick enough. And then, I'll finish up Ilene Bag (available on the designer's blog), before the graduation/vegas trip. I'm planning on taking Delphine, and Child's Rainbow Scarf, and 2nd Sexy Vesty.

I know~ I have so many WIPs... I dont know how I came to have so many. But. Once I'm done with this final, I'm gonna knit knit knit, and have an awesome sweater jacket for the trip to vegas (shh, I dont care if it's 100 degrees there right now!), a Earth-Day gift to my boyfriend, and then work on Delphine during the graduation ceremony. =) See? Jean's got a plan!

Alright. Back to studying employment law. Hope it won't be that hard. *prays~*