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FO: Oink Stripes Cardigan

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Pattern: Playful Stripes Cardigan by Alana Dakos | Yarn: Oink Pigment Sport | Handmade by Candy & Bagel

Pattern: Playful Stripes Cardigan by Alana Dakos | Yarn: Oink Pigment Sport | Handmade by Candy & Bagel

I turned on my Netflix, and just cheerfully put the grosgrain ribbon on for the button band and worked on the buttons while I watched Person of Interest.  So there, Logan's Oink Stripes Cardigan aka Playful Stripes Cardigan is done.

Grosgrain ribbon inside the button band to stabilize the buttons. | Handmade by Candy & Bagel

Grosgrain ribbon inside the button band to stabilize the buttons. | Handmade by Candy & Bagel

I first heard about grosgrain ribbon tip from Knitmore Girls Podcast years ago but this is the first time I actually tried it. I kind of love it! This is why it's helpful to be well versed in many different crafts. In sewing knits, you often use a stabilizer (elastic tape) so stabilize the shoulder seams or anywhere that sees a lot of stress. Since knitting yarns are thicker, a ribbon works perfectly. 

Oink Stripes Cardigan. | Handmade by Candy & Bagel

Oink Stripes Cardigan. | Handmade by Candy & Bagel

I made a generous size for Logan so that he can wear this for at least next 6 months. I love how it turned out! But then it's really hard not to love something so small. :)

Logan's Sock Yarn sweater Version 2

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Logan's Second Sock-Yarn Sweater

Over the weekend, I worked hard to finish Logan's second Sock-yarn sweater. I am really loving working with sock yarn for baby sweaters. It's lightweight, which is more weather appropriate for the colder season in Southern California. During the days, we are still in the mid 80's degrees so I keep dressing him in thin tshirts and sleeveless rompers but at night it falls down to low to mid 50s. So after the bathtime, I dress him in the thin tshirt again but layer it with either cardigan or thin sweater for bedtime. It's a shame that all these beautiful handknit sweaters don't see the light of day (literally) but I love dressing him in quality wool. What can I say?

Because the pattern calls for more than 1 skein of sock yarn for the size I was knitting, I decided to mix in some other sock yarn. When I knitted the first version (6 mo), I noticed that the self-striping yarn was pooling right around the largest rounds when increasing from top down for the raglan style. So when I got to that point, I started alternating between the original yarn {The Sheepwalk Fiber Arts sock yarn in Mud Buddha on Water} and Koigu KPPPM in P867X colorway. The Koigu colorways have the similar greens and dark brown as the Sheepwalk yarn but also has some reds and black to make it interesting. 

I also love how the Sheepwalk self-striping pattern worked out awesome for both the body and the sleeves, although they're obviously different sizes of rounds! 

[Sewing] Anthropologie-inspired Jacket

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Or "Anorak" they say. No, not pretentious at all. 

You know what, I forgive anyway, because.

It is simply beautiful.

Things as beautiful as this can get away with some pretentiousness.

The jacket is by Sanctuary - I went to the Sanctuary Clothing website and what they have in their shop is different from this one. That one is only available in military green color and looks more stiff than this one. 

When I touched this jacket in the Anthropologie store, I almost just grabbed and paid for it. #shutupandtakemymoney But as most things in Anthropologie stores are out of my budget, I had to put it back on the rack and study it carefully.

The Anthropologie website has the details:

  • Lyocell-linen twill
  • Front button-flap pockets
  • Zip front with tie waist
  • Machine wash
  • Imported


  • Regular: 26"L
  • Petite: 24.25"L


So of course, I had to make it a challenge to make one on my own, as closely as possible. I've always wanted a military jacket like this ever since my old one kind of got too worn out for me to wear. So off I go shopping for fabric.

Since it's a linen blend, I went to look at my trusty online shop for linen, And of course, they have the color I want. 

Color: Kenya from

Color: Kenya from

And ta-da- the package arrived yesterday and I was once again impressed by the color. It is such a beautiful brown with red/orange undertone.



The photo came out a little bright but in real life, it is so rich and I can't wait to turn it into a wearable piece.