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My handknit gift to Baby's 1st Birthday.

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We survived our first year together! He, as an infant, and I as a first-time mom. It was just too quick. I still feel like I just gave birth last week. But looking back, there were so many milestones both for him and for me.

As his first birthday gift, I wanted to make him something cute, and remembered this pattern I bought, Teddy

And obviously, I felt kind of lazy, and also because Logan's grip got so much stronger in the past few weeks and he will pick up and eat anything, I decided not to put any eyes or nose on it. 

He will even pick up loose thread from his clothes and eat it. ((SIGH))


The gray yarn is the same yarn I used on Marty's Unfortunate Sweater

And I decided to go with 18mo size, because he has been slowing down on gaining weight, and now just growing up in height. He's becoming quite slender (still with a lovely cute pot belly and chubby thighs) now that he has started walking since 10 months. 

Right when I cast on the sweater, as it happens, we hit 85 degrees everyday. It's too warm to wear it now but in the mornings and nights when we walk the doggies together, I make sure that he is warm. Better to be a little warmer for 20 minutes or so than to be naked and cold!

I also made a handsewn gift for him, which I'll show you in my next post!

Logan's Sock Yarn sweater Version 2

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Logan's Second Sock-Yarn Sweater

Over the weekend, I worked hard to finish Logan's second Sock-yarn sweater. I am really loving working with sock yarn for baby sweaters. It's lightweight, which is more weather appropriate for the colder season in Southern California. During the days, we are still in the mid 80's degrees so I keep dressing him in thin tshirts and sleeveless rompers but at night it falls down to low to mid 50s. So after the bathtime, I dress him in the thin tshirt again but layer it with either cardigan or thin sweater for bedtime. It's a shame that all these beautiful handknit sweaters don't see the light of day (literally) but I love dressing him in quality wool. What can I say?

Because the pattern calls for more than 1 skein of sock yarn for the size I was knitting, I decided to mix in some other sock yarn. When I knitted the first version (6 mo), I noticed that the self-striping yarn was pooling right around the largest rounds when increasing from top down for the raglan style. So when I got to that point, I started alternating between the original yarn {The Sheepwalk Fiber Arts sock yarn in Mud Buddha on Water} and Koigu KPPPM in P867X colorway. The Koigu colorways have the similar greens and dark brown as the Sheepwalk yarn but also has some reds and black to make it interesting. 

I also love how the Sheepwalk self-striping pattern worked out awesome for both the body and the sleeves, although they're obviously different sizes of rounds! 

Wishing for two bodies and 10 sets of hands

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On the needles:

2nd sock yarn sweater for Logan | Handcrafted Fashion at  

2nd sock yarn sweater for Logan | Handcrafted Fashion at 

Do you recognize this sweater? Yes, it's the sock yarn sweater I knitted for Logan months ago in The Sheepwalk Fiber Arts fingering weight yarn. I really loved the simplicity of the design and the yarn so when it no longer fit on Logan, I decided to unravel it and knit the next size.

Since I had come to the realization that I have a hoarding problem, I decided to approach my knitting one project at a time. After all, I only have one set of hands. I have been working on this project only for the past 3 days and I realized something. It's still a LOT of knitting. I have this knitting project, and this blog, not to mention working on some sewing, some spinning, cooking for my family, and taking care of Logan. Life has a lot of stuff for me to do. 

After just 3 days, I am almost done with this sweater. Considering this is about 400+ yds of yardage project, that is pretty impressive. This means that even after having a baby, my knitting productivity hasn't really changed much. I am still quite busy during the day although I don't have a formal job anymore. I get up at around 7, cook and feed the baby, clean up the house a bit, put him down for his first nap, then take him out to the local library or baby boutiques for story/song time,  do grocery, feed and walk the dogs, and cook and feed the baby again... 

But by focusing on ONE project, knitting it at any spare time I have, I was able to almost finish a sweater! For the past 7 months, I have been knitting this and that and never really got to finish anything much. I only released 1 design and have so many more I have in my knitting bag. I hope this change will make my knitting life a little more prolific until the end of this year.