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Mera Shrug & Vintage yarn found at S.A.

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*gasp* posting two days in a row?!

This is Mera Shrug I made as a sample knitting project for Anne (aka CraftyDiversions)

I was so so so happy with the shrug. I'm kind of sad that the shrug didn't finish blocking until Anne and I started shooting for photos. I would've totally worn it in my room and take my own pictures. =P

Yarn used here is Bijou Basin Ranch's Bijou Bliss (50% Cormo, 50% Yak) and it's... yummy. I mean, I get irritated when people say the yarn is "yummy" because, well, you can't eat yarn, you don't know what it taste like right? But, I don't know how else to describe this yarn. It SMELLS yummy, so I know it's yummy. =P It drapes, softens, breathes so wonderfully. When you put it on, it's as if you're not wearing anything at all, but it's sooo cozy and warm.

The skill level: All levels; it involves Stockinette stitch, double-sided cable section, basic seamless, top-down raglan construction. Basically, it's a project you put in minimal effort for the maximum satisfaction.

Now, onto what I found at Salvation Army today.

6 skeins of vintage Lily Daisy crochet thread No. 30 for $1.50. TOTAL. W00t!!!!!!! This is so great. I guess this is the fun part about going through thrift shops. Yes they're smelly, yes sometimes it's more of a hassle, but on days like today, you walk out thinking, OMG, I love this store. =)