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In My Shopping Cart: Julep Maven, Toil & Trouble, and Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen

In My Shopping CartJean Chung2 Comments
Julep Maven!

Julep Maven!

This week's haul is about what I actually purchased this week, instead of what's in my wish list =) 

Just a few days ago, I was listening to the While She Naps podcast, and caught up with the Episode 17 where Stefanie and Stacey talked about their favorites. 

I have shopped at other membership-based collection websites before, such as IntiMint and really like the idea of getting shopping suggestions every month. And I do take care of my nails very carefully, as I work with my hands a lot.

So I thought about it for few days, but finally signed up for Julep Maven! I am so excited about it and can't wait to get my first shipment in the mail which was FREE. 


Toil & Trouble Etsy Shop, Superwash Merino / Nylon - 463 yards - Maleficent in Purple and Yellow

When I was visiting Ewe + You few weeks ago, I picked up a skein of a beautiful yarn by an indie dyer, Toil & Trouble. When I got home, I got to check out their website and etsy shop, and fell in love with all the collections. 

So I just ordered another skein from their Etsy shop -- this one is dyed to order and is called Maleficent in Purple and Yellow. It does remind me a little bit of Exploding Tardis-inspired colorway to those Doctor Who fans.  

Timey Wimey sock pattern by Ana Campos

I also purchased a pattern designed by the dyer, Ana Campos, called Timey Wimey toe-up socks. I really like the interesting cable stitch pattern and the fact that the stitch pattern goes all the way to the toes. 

Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen (aka Tiny Owl Knits)

Finally, the Green Monday deals few days ago got me to buy this book I have been oagling for a while: Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen, better known as Tiny Owl Knits

Although several, if not all, of the patterns in the book are available for individual Ravelry download, the book deal was totally worth it. I wanted to knit or at least have the pattern for many of the designs in the book, and to buy them separately would have been more expensive than the book. 

This post was both more fun and scarier than my regular "wishlist posts." It reminded me of all the things I purchased for myself for the holidays, and the fact that I haven't bought anything for my lovely husband. But I can't deny it was more fun than talking about what I have in my wishlist. =)