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So I spun my pink yarn

Jean ChungComment

Few months ago, I got my first spinning wheel, Ashford Kiwi. DSC00596

I bought it "unfinished" so when I got it, I stained it with dark wood color and then spray painted the wheel black. :)

And here's a merino/silk blend roving I bought 3 years ago, thinking I'd try my hands at drop spindling. It failed horribly and I have some pigtail looking pink yarn in my stash somewhere. I used up about an oz of it and didn't touch it since.


Finally, it's spun, skeined, washed, and voila!



I think I'm going to knit a shawlette with it. It's still quite uneven, but I want to use it as single ply so something with simple garter or stockinette stitch body with lace edging.... :)