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As a person who loves art, especially things made by hand, it's only natural that I am attracted to tattoos. I love how every one of us look different; different shapes, different skin shades, different muscle tones.. So when I look at tattoos on other people, I love not only the stories behind the design, but how they just look on their bodies.

I have wanted one since I was in college. I was 18 so I could've gotten one if I wanted it, but for various reasons (or rather, excuses), I didn't. I wasn't sure about the cost, I didn't know what would be meaningful to me, I was going to law school how would people judge me? blah blah blah.

If I learned anything in the past 3 years, it is that we all only live once, and we have no idea when it would be the end for us. I was tired of keep putting off the things I really wanted to do and worrying about how other people would judge me (and as I write it out, I'm staring at that sentence because I've been saying that since I was 15.... why is it so hard to stop caring?)

So for 2017, I decided the keyword was going to be "DO." If it's something I really want, I should do it.  

After perusing through Pinterest, Instagram, and Google images... I finally decided on the design of my first tattoo. 

My first tattoo (@candyandbagel) by @pare_eddie in Tustin, CA

My first tattoo (@candyandbagel) by @pare_eddie in Tustin, CA

It's a stylized symbol of Scorpio sign. I've always been proud to be a Scorpio, the sun sign known for its mystery and intensity. This was going to be a constant reminder for me, of my strength and intense inner peace.

A month after I decided to get my second because I just loved the process of tattooing so much. From the buzzing noise to the steady sensation of the needle scratching your skin, I love everything about the process (now, the healing process... that tests my patience! I want to show it off!)

I contacted an artist whom I have been following since the beginning of this year; my husband, ever the supporter of anything I develop intense feelings for, found her Instagram a long time ago and introduced me to her works. I loved everything I saw! So I decided that my love for tattoos was strong enough to invest in a larger piece, and I really wanted to have it done by her.

Long story short, it was like meant-to-be, because she had a cancellation and was able to fit me into her schedule in 4 days (her assistant told me that she was currently booking July/August!). If I were to wait that long, the suspense would have killed me because Sara (@SaraFabel) doesn't show you the sketch until the appointment! 

Just a month after the first one.... Peonies tattoo by Sara Fabel (@sarafabel) in Los Angeles, CA

Just a month after the first one.... Peonies tattoo by Sara Fabel (@sarafabel) in Los Angeles, CA

I don't think this will be the last and I will always be looking for more ideas!  I love the fact that talented people left a piece of their incredibleness on my body and I get to keep them and admire them for the rest of my life.